CLUBE DA ESQUINA Milton Nascimiento & Lo Borges (1971) download LP

CLUBE DA ESQUINA, Milton & Lo. (EMI 1971) download full LP

Lô Borges, Duca, Márcio Borges e Milton Nascimento – 1969

Clube Da Esquina crew

Lo Borges & Milton Nascimiento, Studio 1972

Clube da Esquina (in English “Corner’s Club”) was a Brazilian music artists collective, originating in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.  It is also the name of a double album from 1972. The album (at least in its American release) is sold under the names of Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges.
Clube da Esquina mixes progressive rock, bossa nova and jazz styles, with Brazilian country music and classical music influences. The Beatles and The Platters were also an important influence on “Clube da Esquina”.

Together with Tropicália, Clube da Esquina is usually regarded as the Brazilian musical movement that achieved the greatest international resonance in the post-bossa nova period (beginning in the late 1960s and early 1970s).

In 1963 Milton Nascimento moved from Três Pontas, in the midlands of the state of Minas Gerais, to the capital Belo Horizonte, looking for work. He settled at the Levy building, where the Borges Family, including Márcio Borges, already lived. One day, after watching François Truffaut’s movie Jules et Jim three times in a row, Milton and Márcio started composing (Milton already played in some bars of Belo Horizonte): Márcio wrote the lyrics, and Milton wrote the music. Since then, Márcio always played a great role in the history of Clube de Esquina as lyricist, mainly together with, at a later stage, Fernando Brant. The first album (Clube da Esquina), from 1972, was followed by another one in 1978 (Clube da Esquina 2), that contains tracks written by authors that were not part of the group (Chico Buarque).

Clube Da Esquina is:
Milton Nascimento
14 Bis (band)
Toninho Horta
Tavinho Moura
Lô Borges
Beto Guedes
Wagner Tiso
Fernando Brant (lyricist)
Nelson Ângelo
Márcio Borges (lyricist)
Flávio Venturini



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  4. […] link pra download do disco eu achei em um blog aqui. O Clube tem um museu online, onde ficam os depoimentos, e mais […]

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