J-ROCC: Breaking Atoms (circa 1994) download

Ever since I met J-Rocc around 1996 during the “dolo lounge” in Cerritos… We came across most of his mix tapes.  This one is call “Breaking Atoms” in respects and tribute to Main Source and Large Proffesor.  J-Rocc invites some of the guys in the crew, including: Dj Curse, Rhettmatic and some dope underground tracks…


tape deck


Side A

Side B

SIDE ONE: Kotters’ Intro, Mini-Medley, A bio, (Rhett’s check), Latyrx, Survive n’ the game, stages and lights, Statements of a hard head, Fakin’ Jax (rmx), the mad scientist, Headtrips (rmx), body snatch n’ (on the isle).

SIDE TWO: I’m Rhymin, Da Wiggy, Slide we Fly, What’s the reaction (rmx), Section, Some old shit, Bring it on (da-8 rmx), … My man Curse.

Cover desig by NASA CREW: Rich One

Concept by J-Rocc

Release: circa 1994

AUDIO: download it! ^

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