who is JOSÈ LUIS CARBALLO?, brief bio.

Jose Luis Carballo is one of the most influential Chicha guitarist in Peru. He grew up in a poor neighborhood of Lima, surrounded by new migrants from the Andes and started playing guitar at a young age. He played traditional and tropical music and later studied classical guitar. Starting in 1973, he played lead guitar for Angel Anibal’s group Los Hijos del Sol, whose hit, “Cariñito” was one of the earliest successful attempt at fusing Andean music and cumbia. He also led his own band La Mermelada. In the late 70′s, Jose Carballo went on to form La Nueva Crema (named after the band Cream) with back up singer Chacalon and they became the most beloved and most successful chicha band in Peru. Chacalon died in 1994. Carballo now lives in Los Angeles where he still plays with this band La Mermelada.

They came out of and identified with the poor neighborhoods, the “Pueblos Jovenes” on the outskirts of Lima (Ciudad De Dios, Pamplona, Comas, Villa El Salvador, Independencia, etc…) and created a musical hybrid which mixed different musical styles (cumbia, rock, salsa, huayno, guaracah, guajira, son montuno, boogaloo and even classical music).

The creator of la Nueva Crema [Jose L. Carballo] grew up listening to that music and later studied classical guitar, even though he lived at the bottom of a hill, in Pamplona Alta, in the neighborhood of San Juan de Miraflores.

La Nueva Crema blog http://lanuevacrema.wordpress.com/

“The most important thing we did was a fusion of different rhythms- Peruvians, foreign of various styles, including classical.”

“I think it was very influential to have played that music, and lived in those surroundings: Ciudad de Dios/Pamplona Alta (people around me were 90% migrants from the highlands) to come up with this hybrid that you call chicha.” words by Josè L. Carballo

2 Responses to “who is JOSÈ LUIS CARBALLO?, brief bio.”

  1. Jose L Carballo ,es una leyenda viviente de la musica tropical del Peru,creador de muchos exitos con muchos grupos como chacalon,Chacal,Carlos Ramirez,Claudio Moran,Viko,Los Chipis,Cuarteto Continental….Vale un Peru,maestro Carballo,mis felicitaciones.

  2. Jose Luis Carvallo, eres una leyenda viviente , ya que eres unos de los pioneros en tu genero y creador de muchos exitos que son gravados por muchos grupos, chacalon los chipis, cuarteto continental etc, que representas al Peru, Rey del Fuzztonne Jose luis Carvallo, mis felicitaciones.

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