PEÑA II by Secret Stash Records (2011), words by Renz De Madrugada (Cardo o Ceniza mp3 download link)

Peña I (2010) review by Renz De Madrugada

This is the 2nd part of a great experience from Eric Foss of Secret Stash Records last year in Perù.  Discovering new voices with a contemporary feel with traditional songs from the Peruvian genre of Criollo music, Afro Peruvian and Lando to name some.

Peña II starts with Cardo O Ceniza written by Perù’s own Chabuca Granda, the strong and at the same time soft voice of Sofia Rei (vocalist) gives the right touch to the beginning of a sequel experiment.  Continues with timeless track and heart pounding lyrics by Jose Escajadillo Jamas Impedirás which various important voices in Perù have interpreter decade after decade.  Lucha Reyes was one of the first ones to make her its own.  Eva Ayllon as well as song writer and singer Gian MarcoFina Estampa what Peruvian doesn’t know this song. Well at least the cultural ones and the patriotic ones, written by Chabuca Granda, this track is a must have for many Peruvian queens, it talks about a gentlemen.  Now El Condor Pasa is not your typical traditional song that you would hear at a Peña in Perù, nevertheless is an outstanding selection for this project.  It gives authenticity to the experience of music in Perù, this is another must have for any Peruvian nostalgic residents outside of Inca land.  Jose Antonio this one is another timeless song, it almost sounds like “Marinera” to me.  I love this version.  Good work guys!

El Tamalito, now this track is kinda dear to me, because who wrote it, Andres Soto, go Google the little bit there is online about him. He has contribute to many important songs and has also worked with Chabuca Granda, Caitro Soto, Pititi to name a few legends of the Afro Peruvian and Criollismo Sub-Culture in the coast.  Sofia Rei comes correct once again.  La flor de la canela another Chabuca song, to us Peruvians she was and is a poet in our hearts, white from the outside, Afro Peruvian from the inside, a madam of its own class Sr Granda was.  This song is also a MUST for any collection of Perù treasure songs.

El Plebeyo written by Felipe Pinglo Alva one of the most outstanding composers of the genre of criollo music, with more than 100 titles on his belt.

This is the last track on the album.  A nice ending to a soft and powerful compilation and interpretation of timeless songs.

Another great work by Secret Stash Records. Keeping up the Peruvian music culture worldwide.  Respects!

Renz De Madrugada, Feb 2011

Cardo O Ceniza (Song Link) free download by Secret Stash Records

4 Responses to “PEÑA II by Secret Stash Records (2011), words by Renz De Madrugada (Cardo o Ceniza mp3 download link)”

  1. Love this album! great review with good insight on each of the songs.

  2. wonderful music

  3. Thanks Adrian for your kind words.
    Thanks Alexa for listening

    One heart
    Listen Recovery

  4. charlie Says:

    the first pena record was my favorite album last year. glad to see volume is out. it’s every bit as good, or maybe even better than the first.

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