CAITRO SOTO DE LA COLINA, De Cajòn Lp (download), photo by Lorry Salcedo Mitrani

Caitro Soto photo by Lorry Salcedo Mitrani

DE CAJON by CAITRO SOTO (download LP) < link

Pedro Carlos Soto de la Colina, popularly known as Caitro Soto (born in San Luis, Cañete Province, Peru, October 23, 1934 – Lima, July 19, 2004) was an Afro-Peruvian musician and composer. He was known for his version of the Peruvian folk song, “Toro Mata” and as part of the Afro-Peruvian artist’s collective Peru Negro.

Flamenco fans may have seen legendary guitarist Paco de Lucia with a cajon player in his ensemble. When Paco de Lucia visited Peru nearly 20 years ago, the Spanish ambassador threw a party. Among those present was Caitro Soto, one of Peru’s top percussionists. Soto gave de Lucia a cajon as a present. He also gave the guitarist basic tips on the instrument, which has now become a standard part de Lucia’s flamenco ensemble. Ironically, today, many people think that the instrument is Spanish. It is 100% Peruvian.

Ronaldo Campos De la Colina, Nicomedes Santa Cruz, Caitro Soto De la Colina (playin’ the Mule’s Jaw)

Garcia Bernal & Caitro Soto, film “Motocicly Diaries”

6 Responses to “CAITRO SOTO DE LA COLINA, De Cajòn Lp (download), photo by Lorry Salcedo Mitrani”

  1. The download file has a password… could you let us know what it is? Thx.

  2. blackAndy Says:

    Can you re-up the link. Zshare doesn’t last as long as Mediafire, etc…


  3. hi could u re-up de link? thanks!

  4. Por favor, ¿podrías resubir el album? Es casi imposible encontrar esta joya en internet. Me gustaría descargarlo, por favor.

    Please, could you reupload the album? It’s almost impossible to find this master piece on internet. I would like to download it, please.

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