PEÑA by Secret Stash Records (A series of compilations inspired by a genre from Perù’s capital coast) ; words by Renz De Madrugada

Since 1991 when I arrived in LAX from Jorge Chaves Int. I had my tapes of Eva Ayllon and some of Arturo Cabero.  The music I was taking with me was a symbol for me to coming back one day.  I was told life in the north was promising and the opportunities of having a better education was open to everybody who live there.  So I stayed here till 2005.  On December of 2005 I arrived back in Lima after… (?) … 14 years… Yeah! 14 years…

Everything looked small.  It was much faster to transit by foot from city to city… I was back in mother land, a metropolis, but motherland to me.  I was born in Lima,  Clinica del Empleado in the city of Jesus Maria.  Anyhow… The story of  Peruvian folklore starts there for me… That is how I got to understand the feeling of Afro Peruvian and Costa Tunes.

The Series of PEÑA by Secret Stash, does take me back.  Ever since I when back to Lima to seek most of the Peruvian recordings.  I felt in love with Afro Peruvian records.  Starting with Peru Negro., then jumping to Eva Ayllon and Arturo with Aviles… I was not too lucky to find good copies of most of the female singers, till me second trip, where I found Victoria Santa Cruz and Lucha Reyes, Chabuca Granda and Lucila Campos.  Finding this Lps took me back to the 80’s when I started to listen the music of my land.  Arturo Zambo Cabero’s Exitos was one of those Lps that took me back immediately.  Every track came back to my head.  I was impressed that I still remember some of the lyrics.  “Cado Domingo A Las Doce Despues De La Misa” took me back.

You see.  In Lima, back in the days, when I was young and lived there, Pops and Moms used to organized gatherings at home for special occasion.  Some of the most vivid ones I remember was the PEÑA parties.  My parents had friends that sing Afro Peruvian songs, from Lando, to Marineras, to Tonderos to Negroide etc.  I must it been around 6 or 7 years old when this parties happen, it used to get loud and would go till the early hours of the next morning.  Around 40 to 50 heads drinking and singing along the trio, which was formed by a cajón, guitar and a couple of big spoons to assimilate the sound of castañuelas.  That I remember vividly.

As much as my records are dear to me, the sound of Peru is dear to me.  PEÑA is one of those compilations that hit home.  Aside of the contemporary sound of the songs interpreter by a beautiful voices, the entire projects has taken me back to the day of those parties at home, but in a more melo way…

The selection of titles couldn’t have been more exact for the times and the opportunity to show more of the riches of Perù.

PEÑA I and II are a must to have for all those who want to experience an old and new world sound that will message  your soul as well as make it move.

The Remixes are a beautiful extension to both compilations.  Secret Stash Records is moving the Peruvian Cultural world of music in the right path.  This is a great way to learn and start your journey to the beautiful costal waters of  Perù and the amazing Andes that connect a few worlds.

I cannot forget about the package.  A wooden cover, red marble texture  that gives a highly presentation and honor to this genre of music from a third world land.

I can not wait to listen to the Rhythms of Black Perù.  Secret Stash Records is invading your ears with Perù.


Renz De Madrugada

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