Jrocc Live at the Sex Machine (Part I) circa 1999

Jrocc, Live at the Sex Machine, circa 1999 < download full mix tape

This one is for you to pop on your car stereo and cruise in style to your dance destination on a Saturday night.

The Funky President is no stranger to extra sounds on a mix tape.  To assimilate the “live” situation and make it more real, Jrocc added a background crowd sound and voices, blending in some of the most exquisite sounds that a Hip-Hop club could experience in the late 90’s.

From TCQ cuts to Jazz breaks to shouting out some of the homies “in the place to be”.  This timeless “live” mix will make you get the f**k up and come out to dance or at least come out to listen to some good as music… Inspired!.  Don’t look for this release nowadays.  Is long gone…  Part II was also made, that one is still reachable to the public.

Jrocc 1998, Dolo Lounge, Artesia CA

Anyhow… More Jrocco! enjoy this Saturday, Father’s day weekend.

And Happy Fathers Day to all the Homies pushing Knowledge to their youth!

One heart!

Renz De Madrugada


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