THE WAILERS, @ Paul’s Mall in Boston – Massachusetts, June 27 1975 (download Soundboard recordings)

photos copyright Clif Garboden

 LIVE SET <(download link)

Band lineup

Bob Marley, vocals, rhythm guitar

Peter Tosh, vocals, lead guitar

Joe Higgs, vocals, percussion

Aston Barrett, bass

Carlton Barrett, drums

Earl ‘Wya’ Lindo, keyboards



1. “Slave Driver”

2. “Kinky Reggae”

3. “Them Belly Full”

4. “Natty Dread”

5. “I Shot The Sheriff”

6. “Midnight Ravers”

7. “Concrete Jungle”

8. “Lively Up Yourself”


Probably their first concert in the USA. 
Very nice version of ‘Kinky Reggae’ towards the end a very audible crowd, although it’s a SBD recording often mislabeled as “June 15, 1973”

“Hey, I and some college buddies were there too! I remember this show vividly. Too bad the photos don’t capture the thick haze of ganga that emanated from backstage. Absolutely phenomenal images, Clif!” 

Harvey (attendee)

“I was a waitress at Paul’s Mall – which was primarily a jazz club – during the Wailer’s performance. In fact at the record party, we all received an autographed copy of the albumn. I made a big mistake. I wasn’t fond of their music so I gave it to the cab driver who drove me home. What a stupid mistake.”

Pat (attendee)

“I’d witnessed them all just two weeks earlier, when on assignment from NME to interview Marley in the US. The Wailers had a week’s residency at a small Boston club, Paul’s Mall, where he drilled the group in their repertoire. In fact, the Boston shows (two each evening) still seem sharper, more musically focused than the delirious Lyceum shows.”

Neil Spencer (The Observer’s roots music critic)


7 Responses to “THE WAILERS, @ Paul’s Mall in Boston – Massachusetts, June 27 1975 (download Soundboard recordings)”

  1. I downloaded the show and it’s not the setlist from above. It is another Paul’s Mall show. No “Concrete Jungle”.

    • Thanks Franky! I got confused with the shows, there is a few archived… by you and David.
      Hope all is well in your side of town. been a while
      Stay in touch!
      one heart

  2. The band includes Jonny Peris guitar vocals Kevin Fitch bass vocals Dan Swartz keyboards vocals and Jesse Douglass Drums .

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  4. For The latest Regge Dancehall News…

    […]THE WAILERS, @ Paul’s Mall in Boston – Massachusetts, June 27 1975 (download Soundboard recordings) « Listen Recovery[…]…

  5. Johanna Hall Says:

    Orleans opened to the Wailers at Paul’s Mall, one show. Marley began on his knees, singing “Rastaman Chant.”

    I’m trying to date this performance. Was anyone there?

  6. Thank you for these beautiful inspiring photos and helpful comments

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