Renato “Suciedad” Rodriguez (drummer of Los Chapillacs) Arequipa, PERÙ.

Suciedad Rodriguez, Arequipa PE

Renato is another export of Perù’s constant migration of arts from the south coast of the country, a city they call “ciudad blanca” Arequipa.

He is not only a graphic artist, but also a photographer and the percussionist of “Los Chapillacs”, Psych Cumbia mix with Rock.  Los Chapillacs are one of the most active bands coming out of Perù to share the Chicha Movement to the new generation of musicians and djs. They been working hard doing sometimes 3 shows a day and working every weekend from city to city.  Last year, Dj Bongohead (Pablo Iglesias) placed the song “Recordando a Marion” from Los Chapillacs to a compilation of Cumbia cds from various parts of the world.  The project was call “Beginners Guide To Cumbia”.

In 2010 Los Chapillacs released their 1st LP title “ODISEA Cumbia 3000”  independently. It came out to the world on August 3rd 2010.  Ever since they’ve continue to packed shows from North to South of the country, they been recording commercials and appearing in bigger Festivals.

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