Random record shopping day at Amoeba LA

On a sunny Saturday, I decided to visit Amoeba for a few hours to see where digging could take me…  Well… record shopping in this case.

I encounter myself first with some of the fine employees, like my boy Dj Gazooo and Dj Gomes Comes Alive who runs the latin section at the store.  We exchanged a few words about the latest labels reissuing obscure Peruvian music, like Secret Stash and Masstropicas…

I moved onto the World and Latin section of the store, to see what I could find at a cheap rate.  The thrill of finding records is to find them at a cheap price, in good condition and unexpectedly there.  That is exactly what happen today (July 16th 2011).  I found some heat in my personal opinion.

During my search the “WeatherMan” himself was diggin’ by the same section I was… We both recognized each other and gave a pound to greet and welcome.  Some words were exchanged about some good names on the Latin World of music.  I shared with him a few finds which could off been extra copies on my creates… One of the was the URUBAMBA LP produced by Paul Simon.

I’ll let the story continue with this photos of the records I found and their descriptions.

One heart for reading.

Urubamba is a river from Perù which winds at the foot of Machu Picchu, the last fortified city of the Incas.  The Urubamba Group chose this name to carry the culture of the Incas beyond all frontiers, as would an open river.  Urubamba plays the music of the Incas based on the pentatonic scale and select melodies from the high plains of the Andes, from Argentina to Ecuador, passing by Bolivia and Perù.

“I’ve been an admirer of Urubamba since 1965, when we appeared on the same bill at the Thèatre de L’Est Parisienne in Paris.  The group was called “Los Incas” in those days and it was under that name they recorded. “El Condor Pasa” with Simon and Garfunkel.  A year or two later, we collaborated again on “Duncan” a song on my first solo album and again when they accompanied me in concert in Spring and Fall of 1973.  The “live” rendition of “Kacharpari” heard here was recorded during that tour. – Paul Simon

Produced by Paul Simon

All compositions by J. Milchberg and Uña Ramos

Los Incas are the band named before Urubamba.  Conducted by Uña Ramos, who had been already recording solo projects in Bolivia and Perù.  “Guantanamera” is the title of this LP which also contains “El Condor Pasa”, “O Cangaceiro” (Samba Andina) and “La Bamba” to name a few.

Produced: Various

Year Recorded: 1969

Label: Fontana Special (Brazil) / Folklore Label (Chile)

Miguel Barraza

So I grew up with this cat on TV, making fun of Bruce Lee and acting like a drunk in church, etc. Miguel “Miguelito” Barraza aside of being the most respected comedian in Perù of our times, was and is still an actor as well as a writer and even a singer.  This LP showcases his talent for telling jokes “Peruvian style” with slangs used during the late 80’s, which often change from time to time.  I found this LP in Lima years back.  My copy found in Perù was broken but playable.  I told myself  “would I ever find this LP again?”, and I responded to myself, “yeah, in Lima”.

To my fortune, it was in LA.  Price: Disclose, lol.

It contains 80% of spoken word comics and a few interludes of Salsa hits coming from PR those days.  Like Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz (Fania Records).

Quilayupan is a band / collective of musicians that came together for one mission.  To Protest against radical genocide in Southern America (Argentina, Chile and Uruguay).  The band is a revolutionary fusion of artist.  Some of them include Victor Jara, Violeta & Angel Parra, Mercedes Sosa and other icons of the South American Music revolution.

Quilayupan has recorded many LPs, all self title and numbered.  This amazing cover is #4 for the band.  Which now forms part of an outgoing collections of their recordings.

El Sonido De Tupac Amaru

Now,  just looking at this cover brings nostalgia in me.  Is a Peruvian compilation from Masstropicas (Record Label based in MS/NY) distribute by Light In The Attic.  Which is a well-respected distribution company that caters to music connoisseurs who researches for the most neglected sounds outside of the states.  This LP is part of my set now.  Mike Pigott (Founder of Masstropicas) is sending me a copy, but I couldn’t wait to get it when I saw the only copy at Amoeba… Support came to my mind.  I am glad to support good music and hard work.

One love to Masstropicas again and again!.

Renz De Madrugada

5 Responses to “Random record shopping day at Amoeba LA”

  1. I have been looking for that Incas LP for a while, just for the cover of Mulher Rendeira/O Cangaceiro. Love how it is subtitled as Samba Andi?! Is there any chance you could tell me who it is attributed to? I am still studying in depth the history of Mulher Rendera and any little fragment of information helps! Gracias.

  2. This is why I keep coming back to this site. I can’t believe I missed so many posts since last time!

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