Happy Birthday Mrs. Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancy. (Long Beach, CA) 9/17/11

Last night some friends and I had the pleasure to meet with Ms Yancey, mother of the late producer James “J.Dilla” Yance.  It was her birthday! September 17th, we had to celebrate.  After a delightful conversation with Ms Yancey  telling us personal stories of her family and Dilla of course, we headed to a sushi/tai restaurant in the neck of the woods.  She was more than happy to continue to share stories, this time was about herself.  The woman has an amazing soul, aside of being a talented Choir singer she also has dedicated her life to the care of children.  MaDukes was and is a teacher of life.  She also shared with us how everybody in the Yancey family has a skill/talent for music.  “If they couldn’t sing, they had to dance” Ms Yancey would tell us about the weekend family shows at home with the kids.  She also shared with us that James used to be a great break dancer before getting into producing, James was a dj at the beginning of his musical career.  The stories she told us will be stuck in our minds forever.

One love to Ms Yancey for being an amazing soul to all of us.  She carries on the legacy and spirit of her son, who we all loved and still love till this day.



Renz De Madrugada

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