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BEAT SWAP MEET 2yr Anniversary, Captured by Watchara

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our Spirit is Rich in Music: DJ RICH SPIRIT

Art by : PUEDE UNO “Roll your own”

BEAT SWAP MEET photos by Dj Gabe Real

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photos by DJ GABE REAL

BEAT SWAP MEET 2 YR Anniversary photos by Victoria Briones

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BEAT SWAP MEET photos by Victoria Briones

Victoria Briones (Facebook page) link

BEAT SWAP MEET 2 year Anniversary (photos by Listen Recovery)

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It started just like any formal BSM on a Sunday afternoon… In particular, not sunny… no clouds just a huge sky fog.  No chances of afternoon rain, but chances in the evening.  This time we decided to set up out in the open, as to our usual spot next to the Grand Star Jazz’ piano and dj section.  For Listen Recovery, no with the canopy, we took a 50-50 risk on getting our records wet.  And for some reason we felted to go along and not worry about the shadow or protection from mother earths pours.  As the afternoon started, a good amount approached the scene and good vibes from the vendors at BSM.  The main organizer, Utmos, making sure all things go right for the 1st 2 hours… from setting up to making sure all vendors had batches, Utmos couldn’t do it by him self, but with the help of the BSM crew (Christine/Button Pusha / Odds / dj 617) the event started in the most mellower way… From “super producer” lol The Alchemist to “beat ninja” Dj Babu to “super rhyme sayer Mc Percee P… the BSM was just building the day of record shopping as well as good music bumping from every corner of the turf.  In the entrance of the GSJC club we had the outside sets.  Rich Spirit (Listen Recovery) was to share a set around 4:30pm, full of surprise even to his crew members… Rich Spirit has some records under his sleeves from his last trip to Colombia.  As well as Dj Fresko, blessing the tables on the outro set of the event… Making people linger and dancing after a successful day in which the BSM celebrated its 2 year Anniversary silently…  In the mist of all this downstairs,  the upstairs vendors and djs had a different agenda than just sharing sets and good tunes with the diggers and record shoppers… There was a ‘Dj battle’ Hosted by BSM with Judges. Dj Private PeepShow, Mr. Choc (Beat Junkies) and US DMC Champ Dj P-Trix (IF2).  Vinyl isn’t going anywhere!…  As that not being a sign of preserving hip hop culture… World Famous Beat Junkies’ Dj Babu digging as usual and taking the time to shot some flix for his next “Short Film” BEAT TAPE #2.  It was super fun being part of such funny and widely spread buzz about a Dj / Film Director, lol… Babu has taken the part of Directing some of the most hilarious short films about his trips, performances, smoking moments and now for a few more times, record shopping/diggin’… believe will be #14.  Also, personally I was full of joy when I saw my little clone Santiago arrive there with my sister and his mom… that topped the day for me… also my boy June22 showing up with his latest project “XisTheWeapon” series of t-shirts, this one Jay Electronica, Artemis was also in the house sharing with us her talent by painting a colorful rounded canvas of Jay Electronica, Puede Uno my boy Mike Hernandez blessed us with his amazing collage pasting style by creating 3 original pieces during the afternoon… Some woos and yeahs were said during some of the dj sets in the inside of the club, where there also was a set list of djs to perform, including Renz (Listen Recovery), Kiwamu Omawe (Japan Warp mag/photographer), also in the building Delicious Vinyl Records, Dj Chico Sonido in the far end of the building, my brethren from SD Dj Steve Kader aka SK, who by the way is one of the illest Latin record collectors I’ve ever encounter in my 15+ years of digging, Hahk2, King Zulu LastMan and his queen, Stacks Vinyl squat, BP&ODDS with their 100 limited Single Vinyl, who else?… ahw! Dj Sloe Poke, Dj Expo, GabeReal, Dj Abel, my boy Dj Dubs, new kid on the block Daniel who came with Steve Kader from San Diego, he happens to be straight out of Cali Colombia, sucked in to the addicted world of “real Hip Hop”, wanting to learn more about his own Music Culture from Dj Fresko, Mr Keys and Reggae super star ShineHead, Mr Keys found an original Jamaican press LP of Edi Fitzroy, wtf!?… also last but not least my peoples at TempleOfHipHopRadio… it all comes when you least expected AC the PD! with all that said and done… here are our snaps from around our day. Enjoy!

exposing some art

Artemis: Live art of Jay Electronica



Dj Dubs




your own!

Rich Spirit, Ben Diggin’, Dj Fresko


Dj SloePoke

Mr Keys holding his new find of Edi Fitzroy (Keys shared the story of his new dubplate by Edi)

Power to the P!

Adobo Beats DJ BABU! (Beat… ah you know!)


BEAT SWAP MEET, APRIL 11th Listen Recovery a set of 45″ from around the globe+sales of our records (10 crates of Latin Heat) from Fania to Fuentes to Intl. latin obscurity

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BEAT SWAP MEET photos by Listen Recovery.

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AC the PD


RAPPERS DELIGHT By The Mighty Junebugg

MAXWELL Build An Ark

GARIDAN Aka Dj Ichiban

Christine Suh (Beat Swap Meet)


MILES by Ryan Baysa

SUN RA by Ryan Baysa

RADIO BEMBA @ THE CROSBY Santa Ana w/ Listen Recovery

Artwork by JONAS LYNCH

BLACK & WHITE photos by Listen Recovery

the producer

7 Sease

Ras from Space!

the Reunion Renz / Kader (Listen Recovery)

the Dealers (w/heat)

dos de azucar!

Steve Kader (Listen Recovery)

Fresh Herbs by Tron 7 Sease

Tommy Trujillo (Mandrill) Rich Spirit (Listen Recovery)