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Listen Recovery & Secret Stash Records – LA CHAMBA Paying tribute to LOS DESTELLOS with special guest Jose Luis Carballo.

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videos coming soon…

LA CHAMBA & JOSE LUIS CARBALLO – Rehearsing for Oct 7th. Photos by La Mina

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In the mist of this genre from Perù invading Los Angeles,  5 musicians gather with a legendary producer to create and rehearse the sounds from a band that will never be forgotten.  The sound was a revolutionary one for the people in its territory.  Comas, Lima was the mecca of 90% of the bands creating Chicha or Cumbia Psycodelica.  Jose Luis Carballo is not just another member of this great community.  He is one of the “pillars” of this genre.  Who helped shaped and create a unique sound along with professionalism in every way and movement.

You will have the honor to meet the legend himself on Oct 7th along with the talented guys from LA CHAMBA, who are sealing their stamp as one of the most important bands out of LA bringing a genre of music new to the ears of Angelinos and North Californians… for now!

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LOS DESTELLOS LP Constelacion Release Party by Listen Recovery & Secret Stash Records, Oct 7 2011.

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LA CHAMBA (Facebook page)

LA CHAMBA (Facebook fan page)

LA CHAMBA ft. Josè Luis Carballo (PERU) @ The Roots of Chicha 2 cd release party. By Barbès Records & Listen Recovery, words by Renz De Madrugada

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Alejandro “Alex” Araujo (guitar) & Maestro Josè Luis Carballo (Grupo La Nueva Crema con Chacalòn / Grupo Mermelada)

Legendary Chicha producer (PERU)

Another beautiful night with LA CHAMBA and the people from Los Angeles.  The clock marked 8:30pm and maestro Josè Luis Carballo standing outside La Fonda (our venue) with his entourage of 3 guest.  We reached out and welcomed him to the restaurant and made sure he had the best seat for the night. We talked for about an hr. doing a few interviews for the Peruvian news paper El Commercio, as we talk with Jose Luis, the people started to arrive… The chicha jug was pouring down on to cups… Dj Fresko & Rich Spirit holding it down with the Colombian Cumbias and Salsa, as well as hosting the night on the mic… We encounter a few new faces / fans that came just to experience the sounds of La Chamba.  It was a great night, not too cold at all… just right… and the chicha kept pouring down…

Renz De Madrugada

Interview about the Roots of Chicha on LA WEEKLY  < link to interview

our lovely door queen for the night, Ms Mighty Junebugg (

and last but not least, Ratha Hhn., making sure things go smooth at the door. Thanks Ratha!

LA CHAMBA Oct 30th “DIA DE LOS MUERTOS LOFT PARTY”, Photos by Renz De Madrugada

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LA CHAMBA Oct 18th 2010

@ LA FONDA on Wishire blvd. Los Angeles

THE ROOTS OF CHICHA by Barbés Records, Release CD Party hosted by Listen Recovery w/ Live performances by LA CHAMBA

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Article about the release of ROOTS OF CHICHA II by Renz De Madrugada  < ( link )

LA CHAMBA at TIME TUNNEL II (4 part videos) footage by Renz De Madrugada

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