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TRIORGANICO @ Hancock Univ. LB, March 28th 2010 (footage by Listen Recovery)

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Triorganico Bio > Link

During March of 2009, to be exact March 20th, We attended the annual Royce Hall EVA AYLLON Concert.  After the performance we notice a new instrumentalist on stage, who Eva announced as his new invite on her tour,  letting us know that we was the percussionist for Mark Anthony.  His name Ricardo “Tiki” Pasillas, who shared some words as we and Marco Campos exchanged inside jokes… Pasillas was kind to introduce himself to us as we approached Lima Lounge in Tarzana (after-party destination after Eva’s show) where of course in natural tradition we shared some burns in the air.  It was a beautiful night along the Hermanos Campos (Peru Negro).

Fabiano Do Nacimiento reached my hand a few times with Sergiob Melnizecho, as well in different terms with my brethren Aloe Blacc.  I had heard many good things musically from Aloe about Fabiano… I guess sooner or later we would meet and give our chats outs on about music… cool cat!.

As for Pablo Calogero, is my first time meeting him… I was very pleased to see his abilities on the flute brass and the Colombian Gaitas… took me by surprise.

Today March 28th, after having a notion about Ricardo’s new Triorganico, I encounter myself with the humble/strong band in my own town of Long Beach.  The opportunity of coming along with my partner in crime MightyJunebugg to a Haiti Relief silent art action would have never gave me the idea to think I would experience a brief evening with the trio.  It was around 8:30pm, 30 min before the closing of the action, in where I had bit on one painting.  Ricardo “Tiki” setting up, true indeed, the band was setting up and around 8:45pm the Triorganico started to bless us with some deep bossa nova brazilian jazz fusion… here is Triorganico from Listen Recovery’s eye… dig it

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y regresa al blog de Recovery “DJ DON CUCO” (podOmatic/Podcast – Dj Don Cuco)

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previews post on Listen Recovery about DJ DON CUCO

Mas Exitos: Febrero 9 del 2010 con Dj Tropicaza desde Mexico “Rompiendo los tornamesas”

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Tropicaza con Ganas y Chico Sonido – photos de Kevin Ramos (Mas Exitos)

Pedro Navaja: written by Ruben Blades / Mexico film w/ Andres Garcia, words in Español

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the movie

Pedro Navaja song was written by Prof. RUBEN BLADES, Panama.

Pedro Navaja

1984 (México) 1984 (Mexico)
Actores: Andrés García, SAsha Montenegro, Maribel Guardia, Sergio Goyri
Director: Alfonso Rosas Priego
Música: Ruben Blades, Ernesto Fondo
Fotografía: Agustin Lara
Duración aprox.: 83 min.

Basada en la canción de Rubén Blades “Pedro Navaja”; la descripción no puede ser más explícita, Pedro Navaja matón de esquina, que cuida con esmero de las bellas mujeres por la que se deja querer a cambio de un jugoso porcentaje de su negocio callejero. Based on the song by Rubén Blades “Pedro Navaja,” the description could not be more explicit, Pedro Navaja corner thug, who cares lovingly for the beautiful women laying want to leave in exchange for a hefty percentage of your business street . Pero como suele suceder, Pedro Navaja tiene tantos buenos amigos como acérrimos enemigos a quienes molesta que se pasee por la avenida alumbrando con su diente de oro y estarán dispuestos a apagar su brillo. But as usual, Pedro Navaja has so many good friends and bitter enemies who resent walks on the street shining his gold teeth and be ready to turn your brightness.

TULIO ENRIQUE LEON: Cumbia SudAmericana, Argentina/Peru.

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1. El Cable Submarino (Tulio Enrique Leon)

2. Te La Tengo que dar (Tulio Enrique Leon)

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PETRONA MARTINEZ. San Cayetano, Bolivar. COLOMBIA (Rich Spirits next stop)

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Petrona Martinez is living proof that it can take a lifetime to become an overnight success. She..s also the embodiment of culture and history; one that has African roots and ancestry that penetrate deep into her Latin American home. That home is San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia, land of the slaves. A bus from there and then a journey along a path leads to her house, a place of perpetual feasting surrounded by chickens, donkeys, cats and dogs and children singing, dancing and playing flutes. Until recently, her source of income was gathering sand from the river to make bricks. It wasn..t until 2002, at age 63, that she was nominated for a Latin Grammy with the BONITO QUE CANTA album. Petrona Martinez inherited a strong singer..s tradition from Bullerengue, an Afro-Colombian dance rhythm born during the African fight for freedom from slavery and originally sung solely by pregnant women confined to their homes and thus unable to attend village dances. The melodies were passed down through the generations. She learned them from her grandmother and great-grandmother as they sang while doing daily tasks and attending Patron Saints Festivals. She is now passing them to her sons and daughters, some of whom are part of her eight-piece ensemble. Petrona..s performances are authentic, uninhibited and memorable. Whit her band pounding out rhythms and vocals venid her, she sings and alternates between dancing and sitting in a rocking chair. Her group incluyes daughters Joselina Llerena and Nilda Llerena. Appearing with them are percussionists Janer Amaris, Guillermo Valencia, Edwin Muñoz, Javier Ramirez and Stanley Montero. Her manager is Rafael Ramos.