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Lalo Schifrin – 1969 Che! (download LP)

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Lalo Schifrin – 1969 CHE!  < (download link)


01 – che (orchestra version)
02 – la columna
03 – emboscada
04 – la ruta
05 – charangos
06 – fiesta numero dos
07 – recuerdos
08 – fiesta numero uno
09 – anita
10 – la barraca
11 – tiempo pasado
12 – che (solo guitar version)

Orchestra / Ensemble:

Bass – Bill Plummer, Humberto Cane
Bells [Inca] – Ken Watson
Charango – Al Hendrickson
Composed By, Conductor – Lalo Schifrin
Drums [Bolivian] – Larry Bunker
Engineer – John Neal
Executive Producer – Roy Silver
Flute [Bolivian] – Bud Shank, Justin Gordon, Ronny Lang, Sheridan Stokes, Ted Nash, Tom Scott
Flute [Wooden] – Jose Lazano
Guitar [First] – Tommy Tedesco
Guitar [Second] – Bob Baine
Guitar [Three String] – Lalo Ruiz
Harp – Catherine Gotthofer, Dorothy Remsen
Percussion – Armando Peraza, Chino Valdez, Francisco Aguabella, Jose Mangual, Julio Collazo, Mongo Santamaria, Orlando Lopez, Orlando Bertran
Piano – George Del Barrio
Producer – Don Shain
Strings – Baja California Chamber Orchestra
Tipple – Dennis Budimir
Voice – Kaskara

JOE ARROYO “EL CAMPEON” LP 1982, Fuentes Records

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JOE ARROYO “El Campeon” LP  < (download link)

Álvaro José Arroyo González (Cartagena de Indias, November 1, 1955 – Barranquilla, July 26, 2011), better known as Joe Arroyo, was a Colombian singer and composer, considered one of the greatest performers of Caribbean music of their country.

SATWA by LULA CORTES & LAILSON ft. Robertinho Do Recife. (download LP) words by Bernardo Rondeau

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SATWA by Lula Cortes & Lailson < (LP download)

Written, recorded and released just as Brazil’s military dictatorship reached the climax of its long black arc, the one and only album by Satwa is a divinely subtle protest. Now issued for the first time in America through the venerable Time-Lag Records in Maine and the stewardship of freeform fixture Erika Elder, Satwa, often cited as Brazil’s first independent record, is a mellow starburst of acoustic jangle.

Formed after the return of Lula Côrtes and Lailson from their respective foreign excursions – the former a beardo home after the requisite Moroccan sojourn, the latter a young long-hair back from the States – Satwa lasted only a year, perhaps due to their differing stripes. Lailson was from the verdant former Dutch colony of Pernanbuco, while Côrtes hailed from the wild badlands of Paraiba. But for 11 days in January 1973 the pair jammed cross-legged and produced the folk trance gems that adorn this self-titled debut.

At a time when censors caused newspapers to run cake recipes on their front pages in place of rejected news stories, Lailson only lets the occasional throat drone slip through his lips. Largely void of voice and word, the songs – Côrtes plucking steely leads from his sitar while Lailson’s 12-string thrums crystalline chords – are loose and lovely. The sole interference in these glistening arabesques is the hoary electric fretwork of one Robertinho on “Blues do Cachorro Muito Louco,” the most explicitly fried track. Otherwise, Côrtes and Lailson are left to experiment in musty silence. Seemingly taped live, each track is a dry documentation of the duo’s gently rambling improvisations. Far from the recombinant psychedelia of tropicalismo that reigned over the pre-hippie underground in Brazil’s bustling metropolises five years earlier, Satwa play bed peace bards. In double-mono, or fake stereo, Satwa is raw, untreated mentalism translated into pure songflow. At times exhausted and dusty – “Atom” – or archaically splendorous – “Valse Dos Cogumelos” – the duo’s spiraling scrolls etched in rustic timbres unfurl gracefully.

Côrtes, now a graying painter, would go on to record the more explicitly weird Paêbirú (also recently reissued) with Zé Ramalho. A concept album about extraterrestrials in Paraiba’s arid backwoods, it had long been anointed a masterpiece of the era.  After dabbling in rock outfits, Lailson broke into the mainstream as a newspaper cartoonist, a job he has kept to this day.  Neither were or will probably ever be Satwa again, but during those few days and from now on, Satwa is a quiet triumph.

By Bernardo Rondeau

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Telegraph Ave LP < (link)

In 1970, Telegraph Avenue were formed after lead guitarist Bo Ichikawa returned to Peru, after having stayed half a year in San Francisco, California, where he had been exposed to the vivid local “hippie rock culture”. On his return he assembled all kinds of American influences, in a very convincing powerful way, with songs in English, but with ideas for arrangements which were more typical for the best Peruvian bands from those days.

The full arrangements are incredibly contrasting. Nowadays it would be hard to find any other example of so many arrangements without any overlapping or blurring note, which is a combination of basically bass, acoustic guitars, drums, vocals and vocal harmonies with lots of rather exotic percussion. It is because there were two percussionists in the band. The first percussionist was Walo Carrilo (drums, percussion, maracas, tambourine), who, before Telegraph Avenue, had been a bandleader from Los Holy’s. This previous, mostly instrumental group had been the earliest movement towards psychedelia in the mid ‘60s. They made one album called “Sueno Sicodélico”, in a conceptual – style, as well as several singles.

The additional percussionist is called Chachi Lujan (acoustic guitar, bongos, piano). The final member is the bass player Alex Nathanson (who also plays acoustic guitar, clavichord, piano). The styles of the songs are very varied, have blues-rock, Californian feelings, influences of soul-rock and sixties flavoured styles. The “psychedelic” element is rather unique and can only be heard in the top Peruvian bands.

Telegraph Ave 1971, Lima Perù.

Conjunto Folklorico Nacional De Cuba LP

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Conjunto Folklorico Nacional LP < (link)

MATIAS PIZARRO brief bio & download, PELO DE RATA LP 1975 (exclusive share by Listen Recovery)

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PELO DE RATA LP < download Lp

01 – Pelo De Rata
02 – Anamlor
03 – Perro Que Ladra No Muerde
04 – Una Flor Tras La Montaña
05 – Secuencia
06 – Nordeste
07 – Do Y Sol

Matias Pizarro – piano y voz

Alejandro Rivera – guitarra, charango, quena y voz

Hector “finito” Bingert – saxo

Pocho Lapouble – bateria

Bo Gathu – bajo

Domingo Cura – percusion

Enrique Roizner – percusion

Matias Pizarro is one of those musicians unknown Chilean popular level, but with an impressive track record that I point out directions to many Chilean musicians in the late sixties and early seventies. Linked to jazz, he shared not only with the best musicians of the genre in its time, but it is one of the first to use the genre of fusion with a very progressive in Chile. His house was a workshop of experimentation through which they passed very many musicians as the brothers Lecaros, Sandro Salvati, David Estanovich, Peter Greene, Enrique Luna, Orlando Avendaño among many others. National product of this fusion group that recorded their 1972 self-titled album. Was also an interesting project for which records were not what his group Coast where he played with members of The Jaivas. After the coup went into exile to Argentina, where he settled and I understand that is maintained until today. Alla Sol de Chile formed a project with former Congregation plus Jaivas, Illapu and other Chileans in exile. In 1975, this album recorded in Argentina, a jewel of Latin American art music, at times reminiscent of Miles Davis, in other typical sound of the bands Machitun seal. A safety pin that was published in rockyjazzchile and reuploaded here.

CARLOS LYRA & DULCE NUNES, Pobre Menina Rica LP (download), From the play by Vinicius De Moraes ft. Moacir Santos, Catulo De Paula & Thelma.

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POBRE MENINA RICA by Carlos Lyra E Dulce Nunes, ft Moacir Santos, Catulo de Paula & Thelma, text and verses by Vinicius De Moraes

Carlos Lyra e Dulce NunesPobre Menina Rica (1964), for Columbia, music by Carlos Lyra and poetry by Vinicius de Moraes. This is the soundtrack of a play that also had on stage Vinicius de Moraes and Nara Leao, together. Dulce Nunes shares the main performer role with Carlos Lyra and this cute record also features Maestro Moacir Santos, the singer Thelma, Catulo de Paula and Maestro Radames Gnattali as the music director. I’m sure that nothing can go wrong with this fantastic AdHoc’s contribution. By the way, AdHoc suggests Carlos Lyra official website with Carlos Lyra’s statement of the whole story behind the creation of Pobre Menina Rica with Vinicius de Moraes