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LOS DESTELLOS – Constelaciòn LP, reissue by Secret Stash Records

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LOS DESTELLOS “Constelaciòn” Lp – Release date for reissue Sept 20th

Band Members:

Written-By, Guitar – Enrique “Enrico” Delgado
Banjo – Humberto Cavcho
Guitar – Fernando Quiroz
Timbales – Cesar Arias
Vocals – Oswaldo Ortega & Willy Sevillano

(Odeon – Iempsa,1971)

Enrique Delgado Montes born in Lima, Perú, March 14, 1939 – Lima, March 21, 1996, was a Peruvian singer/songwriter.
His parents were Ruperto Delgado and Asunción Montes, his childhood was spent in Rimac District where he did his early studies in music.

Los Destellos started in Lima during 1966, they brought psychedelic guitars to Cumbia and consolidated its characteristic features by integrating in it elements of Peruvian Andes folklore, Afro-Peruvian tunes and Rock.

The electric shock of rock guitars entered the world of cumbia in 1968.  The cause of such copulation was Enrique Delgado Montes, regarded as the genre’s godfather.  He did it, as part of his band Los Destellos, on a 45 (‘El avispón’ / ‘La malvada’) and an eponymous LP. His songs constituted the most surprising musical fusions and amalgams of the time: whether they merged Cuban music and psychedelia, explored the sounds of Andean or Amazonian music, combined the digitization of the Creole guitar with Huayno melodies or abuse fuzz tones and distortion pedals with enormous strength.

As much as we’ve heard in the present from Compilation labels, there hasn’t been much cover about the discography of these bands, Los Mirlos, Juaneco, Wembler’s, to name a few.  It’s starting to be a cliché releasing just singles (personally), nevertheless is all beautiful and we thank all labels for sharing tracks/songs forgotten and perhaps neglected by the international music vendors in the years released.  The discography is very important to the understanding of the metamorphosis in the group, the diversity of the music obtained by the years of playing together.

Constelaciòn tells part of Los Destellos story and it shows the iconic sound created by one man with the assistance of an outstanding band.  The fusion of cumbia stared with this LP.  “Onsta La herbita”, just listen!, one of the tracks, the diversity and exchange of genres in one song makes this band a pillar of Peruvian Music Revolution.   Music is timeless, music is for the soul and that is exactly what Los Destellos accomplished.

Do yourself a favor and discover the discography of all the Peruvian Cumbia icons and bands that your ears have already met.

Renz De Madrugada

After the release of their debut single,“El Gatito” in ’66, Delgado continued to push the band in a more experimental direction which reached its pinnacle with 1971’s Constelaciòn. Today Constelacion is among the most collectible South American LPs known. Tattered copies yield top dollar on sites like eBay and discogs. Secret Stash is thrilled to announce the release of this, the first ever reissue of Los Destello’s ultra rare masterpiece. Each copy is hand assembled in our facilities; hand numbered, includes an MP3 download card of the entire album, and comes in a resealable dust bag.

Eric Foss (Secret Stash Records)

GRUPO 2000 LP by Masstropicas; words by Renz De Madrugada

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BUY LP (link)

This LP caught me off guard, unlike the Ranil and Tupac, which was anticipated by the Peruvian invasion of listeners, followers and diggers.

Masstropicas comes again with righteousness in releasing music that could have been lost and forgotten.  Grupo 2000 is no stranger to the explosion of “Musica Selvatica”, in this case from Tarapoto, Dept of San Martin in Perù’s Amazon region.

It was back then during the golden years of Virrey Records when SONIDO 2000 came out. (Grupo 2000 Formerly Known as Sonido 2000), the band Sonido 2000 became part of  INFOPESA changing their name to Grupo 2000.

Really, I don’t know much about the group, is a very obscure LP/Group out of Perù not just the Jungle region.

I could have done my research and shared what I’ve learned. But in this case I’ll let the music speaks for itself.  Masstropicas will release extensive information about the group which will be included on the LP packaging, created and designed by Tunchi of LimaFotoLibre (

Once again, is a nostalgic feeling when I hear music from my land that perhaps even the people from Perù have not experienced yet… The sound of Grupo 2000 is unique.  The beauty of having the music not only remastered, but also reissued in its original content, LP.  Is a treat for the create collection, specially knowing how hard is to find a good clean and playable LP in Perù.

From the moment I played the 1st track “La Ronzampa” in my truck, the LP had me captivated.  I been a Juaneco fan ever since I heard “Ya se a muerto mi abuelo” back in 2005 when I returned back to Lima after 15 years of absence.   I was expecting something similar or in the same alley.  But let me tell you, GRUPO 2000 is not the cliché Cumbia Selva band as Juaneco or Los Mirlos, nah!.  This band had something else under their sleeves.  Rock, Funk, Soul, Psych, Cumbia and I even heard a bit of Brazil influence.  And why not Brazilian influence,  the Amazon region is one of the most integrated areas that shares land with Brazil, so there is a lot of cultural similarities,  from the influence of sounds to the food and living traditions.

Grupo 2000 not only brings a new old sound,  it also shares with us the diversity that Tarapoto was back in the days, bringing that guitar party psych ayawascar sound to the stereos and boom boxes all over the Amazon Region.

I’m sure somewhere in Lima,  “Sonido 2000” was heard back in the 70’s and 80’s.  If it wasn’t for INFOPESA…

The green cover sleeve with the vintage photo and the fonts used are a cherry on top to this wonderful tracks by Perù’s own.  I can only say that this LP will be on my record back for quite sometime, along Ranil and El Sonido De Tupac Amaru.

…The beauty of reissuing old LPs, is the fact that you can go back in time and experience the music with the physical item and info in your hands.  Labels like Masstropicas gives us that experience… To go back into time and put our self in the shoes of a party goer, dj or just a listener… in the jungle back in the 70’s and 80’s!

Music like this, is not made any more.  The essence of recording a live band is been lost.  This recordings are extremely rare to the Peruvian ear and outside.  They are now part of the soundtrack of our life.

Mike Pigott, Founder of Masstropicas, has made sure to select the most neglected and forgotten sounds from the vaults of INFOPESA (Peruvian Music Label), as well as meeting with the makers of this amazing LPS.  Mike will continue to discover, reissue and share with the world the sounds that was once PERUVIAN JUNGLE MUSIC.

Renz De Madrugada

EL SONIDO DE TUPAC AMARU LP / CENTENO 7″ by Masstropicas Records. Words by Renz De Madrugada.

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Rrrrr… Rrrrr… (phone ringing)  Calling Mike Pigott founder of Masstropicas and Peruvian Vinyl Archivist.

Renz: “Mikey!, what’s up brother!? What you got cooking?”

Mike: “Listen to this….” (Mike plays the 1st test press of El Sonido De Tupac Amaru, a track from Grupo Naranja).

This is how the “New Old Sound” of Masstropicas arrives in my eardrums, and listening, all my thoughts and memories about my mother land starts to appear in my head.

Grupo Naranja comes through the phone.  Sending me some very street original sounds from City of COMAS in Lima.  Now I don’t know where Grupo Naranja is from, but I’m sure they are not too far from this town.  Most of the new sounds came from “Calle Tupac Amaru” in the City of Comas, which is consider the Mecca of “Chicha” or Peruvian Cumbias.  There is no hierarchy when it comes to the people’s music, the movement of the people as Fela and Bob used to call it.  Chicha was and still is the movement of the people.  Go to Lima and party at the most lavish clubs and hear what they are playing after 2am.

Chicha is just a name to separate economic status in Perù, mainly Lima of course, since Cumbia music was in abundance at the capital.  Most shows were booked in Lima, the compensation for the bands were always better in the capital.  That has changed nowadays.  Is not like the late 70’s and 80’s when the genre call “Chicha” was at its highest label of status.  Chicha Music or Cumbias Sicodelicas as I love to call it is here to stay, matter of fact, it never left.  It was just in hideous from the world and now it has came out to dance and play with all of us who can embrace it.

It was just a matter of time for Peruvian Cumbias to invade the North lands.  Jose Luis Carballo is been living in LA for quite some time now and he is consider by most musicians in Lima a pillar of this genre.  So yeah, it was just a matter of time for Chicha to arrive in a heavy manner.

What can you say about INFOPESA coming to the north as well.  The label that made you  dance with Juaneco Y Su Combo and Los Mirlos, Cuarteto Continental, Otto De Rojas if you wanted some funky Salsa.  Yeah… Peru time is here and is gonna stay here for a while.  And Masstropicas is liking up with the Peruvian Giant Label.

Masstropicas is bringing back the real roots of this genre.  What we call in Lima, “La Mata” of the sound.  Mike P has traveled and is still traveling to the Jungle’s of Peru as well as Lima and other cities to meet with the bands, producers and executives that formed part to the creation of a huge library of unpublished and forgotten tracks, all Peruvian Cumbias (Chicha).

EL SONIDO DE TUPAC AMARU is the sequal of a beautiful roster of compilation from Peru’s music treasures by Masstropicas RecordsWhat makes this releases original?

It’s the officialism of each carefully licence track from its rightful owner.  It makes the LP more valuable to me personally. Being that Mike takes the time and consideration to reach out to the people that created the content he is using to share once again with the world on a higher label.

Vinyl is Masstropicas preference of physical release for the music on the label.

Aside of the unexpected selection of tracks.  From most of the songs being sang and chorus by the bands is a beautiful mix of songs. Not your tipical instrumental long play that you can rape and mash-up for your Serato pleasure” hehe.  No amigos,  this is for the Collection.  A very selective choice of songs from various bands and singers.  With an extended treat from Centeno’s 7″ disc. which includes 4 extra tracks.

Now speaking of the extra 7″ with 4 tracks, which basically makes it an EP.

CENTENO 7″ is part of this colorful release by Masstropicas Records.

I don’t want to give too much info on each song in the LP.  It will take the fun away.  I advise you to get a copy today from Masstropicas exclusive distribution label.  BUY THE LP HERE

I can definitely say that Masstropicas is one of those labels to be on the look out if you are willing to experience an extensive and humble story of Peruvian Cumbia History.

“Mi casa es tu casa, adelante!”

Renz De Madrugada


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Telegraph Ave LP < (link)

In 1970, Telegraph Avenue were formed after lead guitarist Bo Ichikawa returned to Peru, after having stayed half a year in San Francisco, California, where he had been exposed to the vivid local “hippie rock culture”. On his return he assembled all kinds of American influences, in a very convincing powerful way, with songs in English, but with ideas for arrangements which were more typical for the best Peruvian bands from those days.

The full arrangements are incredibly contrasting. Nowadays it would be hard to find any other example of so many arrangements without any overlapping or blurring note, which is a combination of basically bass, acoustic guitars, drums, vocals and vocal harmonies with lots of rather exotic percussion. It is because there were two percussionists in the band. The first percussionist was Walo Carrilo (drums, percussion, maracas, tambourine), who, before Telegraph Avenue, had been a bandleader from Los Holy’s. This previous, mostly instrumental group had been the earliest movement towards psychedelia in the mid ‘60s. They made one album called “Sueno Sicodélico”, in a conceptual – style, as well as several singles.

The additional percussionist is called Chachi Lujan (acoustic guitar, bongos, piano). The final member is the bass player Alex Nathanson (who also plays acoustic guitar, clavichord, piano). The styles of the songs are very varied, have blues-rock, Californian feelings, influences of soul-rock and sixties flavoured styles. The “psychedelic” element is rather unique and can only be heard in the top Peruvian bands.

Telegraph Ave 1971, Lima Perù.

BLACK SUGAR Walkin’ (not on the Vinyl LP) rare

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This track is not part of the BLACK SUGAR 1971 LP, it was released as a side B on a 7″ single.  It was pressed as limited copies during the 1970’s,  45 rpm/7″ single was used for Promotional tracks on the radio.  This is one of the hardest 7″ of this genre in Perù to find… We’ll, here is the mp3 at least.  Enjoy!

Renz De Madrugada



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Secret Stash Records is an independent record label owned and operated in Minneapolis, MN. We are dedicated to one thing, releasing great music in great collectible LP packages.  Whether you are a DJ looking for rare grooves to sample, or just an average Joe looking for great music, we’ve got you covered.

DE MADRUGADA “Musica Percudida”, Peruvian vynil selection (download mix 55:50 min.) Recorded by June 22

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A selection of tracks from various LPs and Comps I found in Perù, from Andes Sampoñas & Quenas sounds to Amazonic Nostalgic guitars… I dusted a good stack to share with you some of my countries treasures during the 60’s and 70’s… hope you enjoy this one too…

This selection is dedicated to maestro Arturo “Zambo” Cabero

De Madrugada

mix recorded by June 22 from

THE ROOTS OF CHICHA 2 released by Barbès Records; words by Renz De Madrugada

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Como se dice… Aaaaaahhhhh!… Some type of Alfredito Linares feel “opening pores music guitar shock drunkenness AMish morning with your calentao or fried yam and chicharron sound”…  That’s basically how I feel when I hear Cumbias Peruanas “Chicha”.  Ever since my trips in the “micros buses” or a “tico” (mini taxi) to Centro de Lima or Surco to visit Perù Negro… Cumbias have been in my eardrums since I was a “chibolo”.  The pasajes (streets) in Lima will always fascinate me, from its sounds of street vendors in the mercados (street markets) to the busy streets in Mesa Redonda or Gamarra (fashion city of Lima).  Chicha, Cumbias Andinas or what ever you want to call it, will sound louder than any genre in Perù and the reason number one is! It’s massive Andino and Provincial Population.

Chicha, Cumbias Andinas and Amazonicas don’t really come entirely from Lima.  Cumbia Andino is mainly from the Andes Region from north of Cajamarca to South of Puno & the “Great” Lake Titicaca and Cumbia Amazonica comes from the Jungle Region, from the North Dept. of Loreto city Iquitos to the South Jungle in Puerto Maldonado. Population has been migrating  from the 1970s to present times to Lima, making Cumbia music one of the most performed and sold genre in the Capital of Perù.

ROOTS OF CHICHA 2 takes us to an encore journey from Lima to the Andean Region ending up in Iquitos.  Ranil also known as Profesor Raul Llerena natal from Belèn, Iquitos is feature in this LP. His unique composition “Mala Mujer” will make you move your limbs and still your soul towards any dance floor.  Grupo Celeste, Chacalòn and Los Chapis are also here.  If you are an enthusiastic student about the History of Cumbias from Latin America, this is definitely a must have for the collection.  Barbès does again with a nice research and shares from their archives and collection. VIVA EL PERU CARAJO!

I am very pleased to see the music from my country come to America via Chicha, Cumbias, Salsa and hopefully Afro Peruvian.  Is been an honor to work with such prestigious entities like Barbès Records, Masstropicas, Pablo Iglesias, Dj Andujar and the homies at Mas Exitos in L.A. who been bringing the nostalgic feel of Discotecas & Sonideros to our territory.

Perù Cumbias is here to stay!

and ROOTS OF CHICHA is just another affirmation for my exclamation…

Renz De Madrugada

A Comerrrrr!

below are 6 tracks for your listening pleasure, courtesy of Barbès Records & PressjunkiePR

Grupo Celeste & Chacalòn

Los Chapis w Chicha drink (corn fermented)


LOS SAICOS “El entierro de los gatos” (Video)

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BLACK SUGAR I, (SonoRadio) PERU Funk. 1971 “Too Late” and “Viajecito” (Part 1)

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