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LOS CHAPILLACS, Arequipa, PERÙ. (poster)

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Weather Report Japan Tour ’80 by Adidas (re.designed by Listen Clothing)

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The world of Tour shirts.  This version is not stranger to publicity… Weather Report “apparently” did a collaboration with the German brand during their Japan Tour in the 80’s.  Weather Report were consider the Beatles of Jazz during the decade of 70’s as well in the 80’s.

Here is our version / replica design of the vintage iconic brand and band.  Enjoy!

Weather Report 1980

CLASSIC MATERIAL, 2006 “Cultura Copia” in LB

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We found this flier in our old hard drive, from about 4 years ago… it was a rainy night just like today, in the city of Long Beach, where this blog happens from… A brother from Brazil with some brothers from LA got together to create an intimate and historical night.  The footage / video of this night is been archived for the upcoming LISTEN RECOVERY™ “Tell me a story®” DVD.  One Heart to Dj Nuts, doing it wild!

design by Renz (Listen Recovery 2006)

artwork and pixo by NUNCA

Pedro Navaja: written by Ruben Blades / Mexico film w/ Andres Garcia, words in Español

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the movie

Pedro Navaja song was written by Prof. RUBEN BLADES, Panama.

Pedro Navaja

1984 (México) 1984 (Mexico)
Actores: Andrés García, SAsha Montenegro, Maribel Guardia, Sergio Goyri
Director: Alfonso Rosas Priego
Música: Ruben Blades, Ernesto Fondo
Fotografía: Agustin Lara
Duración aprox.: 83 min.

Basada en la canción de Rubén Blades “Pedro Navaja”; la descripción no puede ser más explícita, Pedro Navaja matón de esquina, que cuida con esmero de las bellas mujeres por la que se deja querer a cambio de un jugoso porcentaje de su negocio callejero. Based on the song by Rubén Blades “Pedro Navaja,” the description could not be more explicit, Pedro Navaja corner thug, who cares lovingly for the beautiful women laying want to leave in exchange for a hefty percentage of your business street . Pero como suele suceder, Pedro Navaja tiene tantos buenos amigos como acérrimos enemigos a quienes molesta que se pasee por la avenida alumbrando con su diente de oro y estarán dispuestos a apagar su brillo. But as usual, Pedro Navaja has so many good friends and bitter enemies who resent walks on the street shining his gold teeth and be ready to turn your brightness.

The Wailers; Concert shirt from 1980. (link)

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ALEX ACUÑA. rare new pic

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EL RA RECORDS Archives: rare SUN RA poster

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Sun Ra Archives: by Marshall Allen

SUN RA RARE POSTER from the Sun Ra Archives at Marshall Allen’s estates.