SPIRITUAL MEDICATION – J.Rocc  (download full medication mix)


Peter Lipa – “My Album”
Larry T. & The Family – “I’m Movin On”
Stanley Cowell – “Travelin Man”
Albert Ayler – “Music is the Healing Force of the Universe”
Sun-Ra – “Where There Is No Sun”
Sun-Ra – “Life Is Splendid”
John Coltane – “A Love Supreme”
Louis Armstrong f. Leon Thomas – “The Creator Has A Master Plan”

This mix was made during a very tough year, many great ones gone but not forgotten.  The Funky Pres. as we know him, tributes some of the most relaxing, mediation, spiritual, zen vibe with a tip of happiness songs, to not forget we are still making this grounds moves…

SPIRITUAL MEDICATION is for your soul and for your moving on in life… Enjoy and keep creating great moments in your life, so later we can celebrate history.

Renz De Madrugada


Words by J.Rocc 2009 (http://stoneyjackson.blogspot.com)

It’s been a tough one this year.
There’s not really more that I can say than that.
If your expecting a bunch of song you know and love this isn’t for you.
If your looking for something to help you get over thangs or even just vibe out to.
This is for you.

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