LONG LIVE BOOGALOO by Secret Stash Records / Clothing by Listen


Our first of many collaborations with like minds record label SECRET STASH.  We are very excited and proud to present LONG LIVE BOOGALOO t-shirt.  Designed by Izzy Sanabria during the Boogaloo years in New York.   Secret Stash comes correct again maintaining the preservation of international sounds and genres that will not be forgotten.  Secret Stash is saying with this amazing compilation, that “vintage” Latin Music is here to stay!. Long Live this music.

Renz De Madrugada

In the mid 1960s Latin teenagers in New York’s Spanish Harlem neighborhood created a new style of music called Latin boogaloo. The sound was a mix of the Cuban music they grew up with and American R&B like James Brown and Hank Ballard. It quickly caught on and before long the young purveyors of this new sound were taking business from the likes of Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez, and Eddie Palmieri. Soon the established acts reluctantly joined the craze and recorded a smattering of Boogloos. However, many of them were not happy about it. In general they felt it was beneath them. Eventually a small group of the most powerful people in the Latin music business conspired to kill off the Boogaloo and make way for the burgeoning Salsa craze. Concert promoters, DJs, and venues were bribed to turn away any and all Boogaloo business. As soon as it came, it left.

Secret Stash Records is proud to present this double LP compilation of rare and hard to find Boogaloos. Each track has been selected with the help of veteran Boogaloo producer Bobby Marin. To help tell the story of the untimely demise of the genre, Secret Stash enlisted the services of legendary concert promoter and illustrator Izzy Sanabria (the man responsible for the artwork on most of Fania’s releases) to write liner notes. Additionally, all of the artwork for the album is comprised of rehashed versions of Sanabria’s now famous Boogaloo concert posters of the 60s. As always, each hand numbered, hand assembled double LP set includes a free download of the entire album and a re-sealable dust bag.

The first 250 limited edition copies of Long Live Boogaloo come with orange and yellow colored vinyl, plus a bonus 7″ on transparent green vinyl. Once the first 250 are gone, the standard version of Long Live Boogaloo will have black vinyl and NO Bonus 7″.

5 Responses to “LONG LIVE BOOGALOO by Secret Stash Records / Clothing by Listen”

  1. Beautiful shirt! Let me know when you reprint, please!

  2. I really want one of those shirts, please alert me when they are on sale… thanks!

  3. David Linton Says:

    Love the “Long Live Boogaloo” Lp! Please let me know when the T-Shirts are in stock! Would love to buy a poster of the album art too!

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