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LONG LIVE BOOGALOO by Secret Stash Records / Clothing by Listen

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Our first of many collaborations with like minds record label SECRET STASH.  We are very excited and proud to present LONG LIVE BOOGALOO t-shirt.  Designed by Izzy Sanabria during the Boogaloo years in New York.   Secret Stash comes correct again maintaining the preservation of international sounds and genres that will not be forgotten.  Secret Stash is saying with this amazing compilation, that “vintage” Latin Music is here to stay!. Long Live this music.

Renz De Madrugada

In the mid 1960s Latin teenagers in New York’s Spanish Harlem neighborhood created a new style of music called Latin boogaloo. The sound was a mix of the Cuban music they grew up with and American R&B like James Brown and Hank Ballard. It quickly caught on and before long the young purveyors of this new sound were taking business from the likes of Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez, and Eddie Palmieri. Soon the established acts reluctantly joined the craze and recorded a smattering of Boogloos. However, many of them were not happy about it. In general they felt it was beneath them. Eventually a small group of the most powerful people in the Latin music business conspired to kill off the Boogaloo and make way for the burgeoning Salsa craze. Concert promoters, DJs, and venues were bribed to turn away any and all Boogaloo business. As soon as it came, it left.

Secret Stash Records is proud to present this double LP compilation of rare and hard to find Boogaloos. Each track has been selected with the help of veteran Boogaloo producer Bobby Marin. To help tell the story of the untimely demise of the genre, Secret Stash enlisted the services of legendary concert promoter and illustrator Izzy Sanabria (the man responsible for the artwork on most of Fania’s releases) to write liner notes. Additionally, all of the artwork for the album is comprised of rehashed versions of Sanabria’s now famous Boogaloo concert posters of the 60s. As always, each hand numbered, hand assembled double LP set includes a free download of the entire album and a re-sealable dust bag.

The first 250 limited edition copies of Long Live Boogaloo come with orange and yellow colored vinyl, plus a bonus 7″ on transparent green vinyl. Once the first 250 are gone, the standard version of Long Live Boogaloo will have black vinyl and NO Bonus 7″.

LOS DESTELLOS – Constelaciòn LP, reissue by Secret Stash Records

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LOS DESTELLOS “Constelaciòn” Lp – Release date for reissue Sept 20th

Band Members:

Written-By, Guitar – Enrique “Enrico” Delgado
Banjo – Humberto Cavcho
Guitar – Fernando Quiroz
Timbales – Cesar Arias
Vocals – Oswaldo Ortega & Willy Sevillano

(Odeon – Iempsa,1971)

Enrique Delgado Montes born in Lima, Perú, March 14, 1939 – Lima, March 21, 1996, was a Peruvian singer/songwriter.
His parents were Ruperto Delgado and Asunción Montes, his childhood was spent in Rimac District where he did his early studies in music.

Los Destellos started in Lima during 1966, they brought psychedelic guitars to Cumbia and consolidated its characteristic features by integrating in it elements of Peruvian Andes folklore, Afro-Peruvian tunes and Rock.

The electric shock of rock guitars entered the world of cumbia in 1968.  The cause of such copulation was Enrique Delgado Montes, regarded as the genre’s godfather.  He did it, as part of his band Los Destellos, on a 45 (‘El avispón’ / ‘La malvada’) and an eponymous LP. His songs constituted the most surprising musical fusions and amalgams of the time: whether they merged Cuban music and psychedelia, explored the sounds of Andean or Amazonian music, combined the digitization of the Creole guitar with Huayno melodies or abuse fuzz tones and distortion pedals with enormous strength.

As much as we’ve heard in the present from Compilation labels, there hasn’t been much cover about the discography of these bands, Los Mirlos, Juaneco, Wembler’s, to name a few.  It’s starting to be a cliché releasing just singles (personally), nevertheless is all beautiful and we thank all labels for sharing tracks/songs forgotten and perhaps neglected by the international music vendors in the years released.  The discography is very important to the understanding of the metamorphosis in the group, the diversity of the music obtained by the years of playing together.

Constelaciòn tells part of Los Destellos story and it shows the iconic sound created by one man with the assistance of an outstanding band.  The fusion of cumbia stared with this LP.  “Onsta La herbita”, just listen!, one of the tracks, the diversity and exchange of genres in one song makes this band a pillar of Peruvian Music Revolution.   Music is timeless, music is for the soul and that is exactly what Los Destellos accomplished.

Do yourself a favor and discover the discography of all the Peruvian Cumbia icons and bands that your ears have already met.

Renz De Madrugada

After the release of their debut single,“El Gatito” in ’66, Delgado continued to push the band in a more experimental direction which reached its pinnacle with 1971’s Constelaciòn. Today Constelacion is among the most collectible South American LPs known. Tattered copies yield top dollar on sites like eBay and discogs. Secret Stash is thrilled to announce the release of this, the first ever reissue of Los Destello’s ultra rare masterpiece. Each copy is hand assembled in our facilities; hand numbered, includes an MP3 download card of the entire album, and comes in a resealable dust bag.

Eric Foss (Secret Stash Records)