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UNA SOLA SALSA, Ruben Blades & Gilberto Santa Rosa, MAY 21, PUERTO RICO.

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1. Mambo Rock

2. Tiahuanaco

3 El Pito

4. La Pachanga del Amor

5. Linares Blues

6. Lo que tengo

7. Se formo la fiersta

8. Sujetate la lengua

9. Boogaloo

10. Sabor Tropical

11. Alfredo Linares Y Su Sonora (bonus track/su yapa)


Hector Lavoe & Willie Colon, split brief story on SALSA MAGAZINE (link)

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It was a turbulent period for Lavoe feeling that Willie had abandoned him. He had to deal with his deep-rooted insecurities and the hurt he felt from being betrayed by Willie, the man he loved like a brother and the person he most depended on. When quizzed on the subject in a 1980 Latin N.Y. magazine interview, he replied, “I was much too dependent on Willie. I guess he was trying to figure out a way of telling me. I waited for Willie for over two months before cutting La Voz, my first solo album. Willie didnt play on my recordings after that, but he did continue with me as producer. After the success of the La Voz album, Willie told me that I was ready to lead my own band, so I went ahead and did it. At first I was hurt, but I soon realized the split up had its purpose; it was a test! I had to prove that I could go at it alone. Just in case, one day one of us wasnt around. Thank God, we both came out all right. The split actually helped me gain confidence in myself.”

After Lavoe formed his own Conjunto, he continued to follow his quest to be known the world over. Since then, he has traveled around the world with his Conjunto as well as with the Fania All-Stars. He has performed in some of the most prestigious concert halls featuring Salsa, as well as Jazz events like the Newport Jazz Festival. His recordings have also garnered him many awards and gold albums.

SALSA MAGAZINE link (full story)

RUBEN BLADES vintage ft. Willie Colon & Yomo Toro

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COLOMBIA ALL STARS ft Joe Arroyo, Wilson Saoko, Fruko & Piper Pimienta.

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fruko y sus tesos cover


Alfredo Linares rare record. Peru Press MAG

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This Record is very rare, it comes from Peru.  I’m not sure its origin nor its year recorded.  I do know it was recorded in Lima and arranged in City of Lince, Lima.  Otto de Rojas y su piano. Canciones de Armando Manzanero (mexican song writer and composer) Arrange by Alfredo Linares y su piano.

We are looking for this record ‘of course’.  One of the many by Alfredo Linares.  Maybe it can be found in Peru or Colombia.  Dig deep to get deeper.

Willie Colon: Sin poder hablar. footage from Venezuela.

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This song is one of my faves, from Willie Colon’s solo  years… right after departing from his duets with Hector Lavoe.  Willie didnt stop recording and performing as he always did with Fania All stars and Hector.  This song is title ‘Sin Poder hablar’, or in english ‘Not able to talk’.  Dig it!