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OSCAR AVILES Y SIGUEN FESTAJANDO JUNSTOS (w/Arturo Cavero & Lucila Campos) LP download

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Is hard to miss the nightlife in LIMA, if you are a frequent visitor, tourist or business commuter that lands in Jorge Chaves International Airport in El Callao, port of Peru in Lima.  I got pretty specific there for a minute…  The night life in Lima is no stranger to its traditions like anywhere else, the only difference might be their drinks and ethnic group that surrounds the old city.

DEL CARAJO is by far “a tradition now in Lima”. Where you can meet friends for some drinks and traditional black Peruvian and Andino entertainment or experience the “Peña” (creole tavern) for the first time.  Del Carajo Peña, offers the Peru black music tradition experience. With guess from all over the country and its regions, Coast, Andes and Jungle.

My experience was a brief one, the few opportunities I had to go I couldn’t make it, because always something came up (We never did plan things on our prior trips to Peru). But never the less on my last trip with AFRO LATINOS.  Rich Spirit and I, along with our causin Miguel Angel Matheus and our friend from “el barrio” Diego “Pajita” Tortola, took a visit to check out the now late Maestro Arturo Zambo Cavero, to interview and record footage for the upcoming 2010 AFRO LATINOS TV Documentary.  Directed by Renzo Devia, COLOMBIA/NY.

Well, my experience at DEL CARAJO was a good one, brief one but good one… I got to see some of the kids from PERU NEGRO, Eder Campos (Son of Ronnie Campos, Director of PERU NEGRO), who also work and dance during the shows.

I didn’t mention much about the type of entertainment that goes there… They dance, perform traditional and original Afro Peruvian music, as well as some Marinera (costal Folklore of Peru) and Andino dances, Like the “Danza de las Tijeras”.  The time I was visiting, October 2008.  During the “Mes Morado festivities” which includes Oct 31st Day of Creole Music of Peru.

The Night I was there, Arturo Zambo Cavero did an amazing performance… It was something to see the heavy hitter of Afro Peruvian Music.  I still miss him. His music lives with us forever.  ARTURO ZAMBO CAVERO.

Del Carajo also involves the tourist into the show, making you laugh and dance for prices.  Involving the crowd and acknowledging our neighbors countries.  Famous from their yard beers and Pisco shots, their beautiful waitresses for the fellas and handsome bar tenders for the ladies.  All this forms part of the experience to an old tradition of “clean Peruvian fun” PEÑA has been around for decades and forms now an iconic pass time in the weekends for national and tourist attractions.  Here are some photos from DEL CARAJO.

ARTURO ZAMBO CAVERO ( In one of his many performances at DEL CARAJO )

OSCAR AVILES ( 1st guitar of PERU ) and partner in crime of Arturo Cavero


After Zambo Cavero’s passing, Del Carajo gave us a tribute night to the Great Maestro’s music by

sharing with us another great of Afro Peruvian Music Maestro OSCAR AVILES who assisted Arturo for the most part of his music career.

Eder Campos (PERU NEGRO)

CHIN CHIVI “Los Hemanos Ballumbrosio” (Sons of the late Amador Ballumbrosio)

Iconic Afro Peruvian Artist.

Our women of PERU!

Jose Duran (PERU NEGRO dancer)

CHIN CHIVI (Ballumbrosio)

approx translation:

“After a heated week of work, I go and live a Creole Party Life at Peña Del Carajo”


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ARTURO ZAMBO CAVERO: R.I.P “Afro Peruvian Master”

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El Comercio (Article about the passing of Arturo Zambo Cavero) Peruvian News Paper.


Arturo Cavero Velásquez

(b. Peru-Lima, 29 November 1940 – † Peru-Lima, 9 October 2009),

Better known by his fans by the pseudonym of “Zambo Cavero”. He was a virtuoso Afro Peruvian singer, who enjoys international fame. He was considered by many Peruvians a symbol of the Afro Peruvian identity or Peruanidad because of his particular manner of singing that captivates his listeners, many of whom coincide that Cavero’s intensity makes then feel the melodies with a truly Peruvian taste, as a result in his long artistic trajectory, he was very popular, admired and loved, not only in Perú, but by many people from different parts of the world in which he sold his musical reproductions. “Zambo Cavero”  specialized in interpreting, with a unique talent and inimitable voice, traditional songs from authentic and original rhythms of Perú, some of his best interpretations are songs that were composed by the notable Peruvian composer Augusto Polo Campos, other comes from a profound Afro-Peruvian traditional Música criolla which is actually Afro Peruvian music.

In June 3, 1987 Cavero, was laureated together with also the remarkable Peruvian musicians: Luis Abanto Morales, Jesús Vásquez and Augusto Polo Campos in Washington by the Organization of American States also known as OEA, honoring his merits after that the Inter-American Council of Music (Consejo Interamericano de Música) had a thorough evaluation of his professional career and the contribution and strong presence of the Peruvian Music in the American continent and in the rest of the world.

Arturo Cavero died from complications of sepsis in Rebagliati Hospital in Lima on October 9, 2009.

“Wow!, Zambo Cavero, That guy is amazing, I can’t stop listening to “Cavero” since I discover him.”

” Tommy Trujillo” (Mandrill)

“As far as I can remember in Peru, Zambo’s voice and music was never absent from any gathering in a Peruvian (callejon), I love Zambo Cavero!”

“Renzo Revelli” (Listen Recovery)

“Besides being one of the Masters of Afro Peruvian Culture, he was also my friend, I will miss him dearly.”

“Alan Garcia Perez” (President of Peru)

“I was the one who recorded him first with Aviles on guitar, around the late 60’s, He’s voice was the voice of PERU”

“Agusto Polo Campos” (Peru Music Icon)

“Un Gran amigo con el que cante y hoy canto sus canciones… Me duele en el alma”

“Master Luthier Gino Gamboa” (Eva Ayllon/Peru Negro)



link to vintage video of Arturo Zambo Cavero


Enemigos Intimos TV (Parte Un y Dos) Español. PERU



ARTURO’S Last Presentations in Peru w/ Peru Negro







Peru Negro