Listen Recovery CREW

Rich Spirit. (Los Angeles, US / Lima, PERU)

Renz De Madrugada. (Los Angeles, US / Lima, PERU)

extended crew members:

Dj Sesqui. (Portland, US / MEXICO)

Dj Fresko (Los Angeles, US / MEXICO)

Bardo Martinez Quintero. (La Mirada, CA / COLOMBIA)

David Dolnick. (San Francisco, US)

Tron7Sease. (Los Angeles, CA / AFRICA)

Tah Rei. (Portland, US)

Steve Kader (San Diego,CA / ISRAEL)

since 2001

10 Responses to “Listen Recovery CREW”

  1. add me to you notification list please

  2. Como estan hermanos? Saludos que esten bien , Paz y Respeto, El Chava.

  3. Rico Simon Mendez (DJ Don Cuco) Says:

    Hi this is Rico Simon Mendez (DJ DON CUCO), I recently seen your add in the latest WAXPOETIC magazine. I checked out Buyepongo, you Tshirt’s, and your blog. You guy’s are my new Favorite Flava!!! and Buyepongo is super Bad!!!

    I would love to share music with you guy’s and build a relationship via Brooklyn!!! I am a musician, producer, DJ, cultura lover, artists, and proud papa.. I sent you 2 links of some mixes… Share more with you laterz..

    Paz, and much respect. You guy’s are doing some cool positive things!!!

    Rico (DJ DON CUCO)
    1. Lette Mbulu “Pula Yetla” Capitol Jazz
    2. Mulatu Astatke and his Ethiopian Quintet “One for Buzayhew” Worthy Records
    3. Banda Black Rio “Gafieira Universal” RCA | Strut
    4. Bob Cunningham “Lover’s Theme” Nilva Records | Ubiquity/Luv n’ Haight
    5. Bobby McFerrin “Sunshine Of Your Love” EMI – Manhattan Records
    6. Santana “Incident at Neshabur” Columbia Records
    7. E.W. Wainwright AFRICAN ROOTS of JAZZ “The Healer/Don’t Break” BMI | Luv n’ Haight
    8. Hector Lavoe “Alejate – Joaquin’s Disparate Alejate Dub Version” Fania
    9. Carl Craig “Kilode Remix” Honest Jon’s Records
    10. Herbie Hancock “Drumming (Joaquin “Joe” Claussell Remix)” Transparentmusic
    11. Jose “Chepito” Areas “Guaguanco In Japan” Columbia Records
    12. Son Palenque de Colombia “Samba” Honest Jon’s Records
    1. Kuniyuki “Rain Of Ocean”
    2. Electric Vibes ft. Roy Ayers “DJ Spinna Remix”
    3. Taylor McFerrin “Broken Vibes (Isoul8 Edit)”
    4. Jazztronik “Samurai”
    5. War “Flying Machine (The Chase)”
    6. Was A Bee “This Is What You Are”
    7.Hector Lavoe “Mi Gente (Loui Vega EOL Mix)”
    8. Tony Allen “Ole (Salah Ragab Cairo Version)”

    • One love Rico! thanks for your support, stay tune, you’ll be seeing more of us at Wax Poetics! keep up with us. We got a good strong family. And would love for you to be part of it. One heart!…

  4. Does Listen Recovery Crew have a contact email? I’d like to talk to you guys for a few.

  5. really enjoyed reading your blog, think im gonna bookmark it defenitly worth reading

  6. I’m about to release a DVD about Afro-Peruvian music and dance, plus a CD of the musical track, and I also have a blog about them. May I please post on my blog the photo of Caitro Soto that’s on this page

    Thanks. Waiting with my fingers crossed!

    (I also am a great believer in keeping music and musical forms alive.)


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