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Psicofásicos De Bolivia – Go-Gó A 4000 Metros (download LP)

Posted in Bolivia Music, Bolivia Psych, download single song on August 27, 2010 by Listen Recovery

DOWNLOAD FULL LP “Psicofásicos De Bolivia”

You have right here an LP less than common to see or hear.  All the songs were recorded at the end of the 70’s in about 4000 meters above sea label, by young rebels in Bolivia with many obstacles in life.  This music was referred as “el go-go” even thou the music was unknown in the country it hide many jewels.  At the start of the 70’s the “rock & roll” arrives in Bolivia via radio programming.  The start of an organized concert/gigs in a Bolivian way:  One records player and a few percussionist to play along the music with bongos, tambourines, etc.  By then in Bolivia the electricity would be cut off after 11pm due to the transit division between mules and their workers/vendors against the daily traffic of cars and motorcycles.  Then unexpected “the Beatlemania” arrives in the highest terrain of the southern America.  Bands from Uruguay like “Los Shakers” and “Los Iracundos”, in Brazil like “Os Clevers” this unchained a massive collective amounts of bands that played modulated electric sounds that was captivated by their English idols.  This is how the new-wave sounds is born in Bolivia and the seed of long hair and youth rebellion is ignited.

It was a full on Rock era, but the live of a “nuevaolero” (new-waver) from Boliva wasn’t the greatest nor easy.  During this times in the mid 70’s, after the ignition of the Rebel identity in Boliva, Police officers launched a campaign call “operacion tijeras” translated “scissors operation”.  It consisted in shaving the head of any long hair rocker/rebel in the city that had any profile towards a “revolutionary”.