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Aloe Blacc “Bailar” – New Version, Photos by Listen Recovery, 2005

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Unreleased track by Aloe Blacc, Photos by Renz De Madrugada, 2005 (download mp3)

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It’s been a long time coming…

photos by Renz De Madrugada

Robert “Bob” Nesta Marley, WISDOM 1968 acoustic (download mp3)

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WISDOM < (download link)

LOS SAICOS – Camiza de fuerza (download mp3)

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PAUL MACCARTNEY – Check out my machine (download single track)

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CHECK OUT MY MACHINE – Paul MacCantney – from Waterfalls LP

LOS CHAPILLACS “ODISEA Cumbia 3000” (download single mp3)

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Os Alegres “Wenda Sola”, Angola AFRICA (download mp3)

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Wenda Solá (download mp3)

Os Alegres, which translate to “The Glad Ones” in Portuguese, were from Angola.

The music of Angola has been shaped both by wider musical trends and by the political history of the country. In the 20th century, Angola has been wracked by violence and political instability. Its musicians have been oppressed by government forces, both during the period of Portuguese colonization and after independence. Angolan music also influenced another Lusophone music in Brazil and Cuban music.

The capital and largest city of Angola is Luanda, home to a diverse group of styles including Angolan merengue (based on Dominican merengue), kilapanda and semba, the last being a genre with roots intertwined with that of Brazilian samba music.

Compared to many of its neighbors in Southern Africa, as well as other Portuguese colonies (especially Cape Verde), Angola’s music has had little international success. The first group to become known outside of Angola was Orquestra os Jovens do Prenda, who were most popular from the late 1960s to the early 1970s, and have continued sporadically performing and recording since.


Happy Birthday BOB MARLEY!

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Lively Up Yourself < link



LOS RIBEREÑOS “Fiesta de Callejon”, Perù (download track)

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Chicha is essentially a sort of psychedelic cumbia-based music from the Amazon basin in Peru. Incessant twangy surf guitar playing montunos alongside propulsive, percolating percussion is the modus operandi of a chicha group.

Los Riberenos, led by Jhon Beny, is another Peruvian 60s band which specialized in a mostly Cuban repertoire but gave it what can be called – in retrospect – a chicha twist. At the time of this recording, chicha was getting a little more syncretic, with an occasional Andean flavor, but guaracha (a mid-20th century Cuban style of music) remained its strongest element.

RANIL “Cumbia sin nombre” on Ranil’s Jungle Party LP (Masstropicas Recrds.)

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