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Conjunto Folklorico Nacional De Cuba LP

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Conjunto Folklorico Nacional LP < (link)


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Show Poster for Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba 1974 Adadda Drums

CONJUNTO FOLKLORICO NACIONAL DE CUBA was founded in 1962. The Ensemble has always had as main purposes to contribute to the rescue and recovery of our dance and musical roots with the possibility of choosing those manifestations of truely artistic value so as to organize them in accordance with the modern theatretical techniques without betraying its folklore essence.Today after 35 years of being founded the Ensemble has developed an Art style.It is Theater-Folklore with strong aesthetic effectiviness and power on stage.

El Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba has provided more than eight hundred thousand representations through its 93 international tours in Europe, America and Asia, audiences from more than three hundred cities and towns have applauded the profound national art of this dance ensemble. The most prestigious stages in the world, from Paris to Moscow, from Lima to Mexico, New York ,Canada, Madrid, from Florence to Varsovia to Argel, Washington D.C , Angola, Mozambique, Ghana or Zambia have received with acceptance its performance and different audiences have acclaimed in numerous languages the traditional songs and dances created by the Cuban people.

State-of-the-art stages as the Palace of the Berlin Republic or the ancient marbles of the Argel Roman Theater have vibrated with the rhythyms of the drums, songs and dances performed by theConjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba.

International Folklore Festival as the Sarah Bernhardt Theater of Nations from Paris , Cervantino from Guanajuato, Mexico, Carifesta from Guyana and others have happily received the friendly homage the artists of the Ensemble have offered to them and they have also awarded this beautiful behavior with Awards and Diplomas such as:the Golden Barrel and the Silver Necklace given by the International Festival of La Viña in 1975 held in Dijón, France and la Usuta de Oro in the Festi’Danza 1974 y 1984 in Peru, the Billingham Tray ,England and the Golden Temple from Sicily, Italy among others.

Trinidad Torregrosa
Trinidad in front of his canastillero or altar with set of bata drums under construction.

Trinidad Torregosa
Trinidad was one of the first drummers in Havana who was both a drum maker and excellent player.

Fernando Ortiz with Aguedo Moralés, Pablo Roche, Jesús Pérez

Los Primeros Tamboreros Yoruba de Cuba
Trinidad Torregrosa, Pablo Roche, Raúl Diaz, “Pablo” and Giraldo Rodríguez, 1954 (Crédits photo: Fernando Ortiz)

Jesús Pérez

Carlos Lazaro Aldama Pérez – 1959

Isora Pedroso por Eleguá


CELIA CRUZ on Sesame Street w Big Bird “Pajarito de la madruga'”

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OMARA PORTUONDO: talking to a walking story… (photos by Rich Spirit, words by Renzo Revelli)

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Omara Portuondo, is an amazing person, besides from being an amazing songstress.  Rich Spirit had the pleasure to work with the Popper Room at the Ethnomusicology Dept at UCLA.  Early this year, Rich Spirit coordinated/produced a lecture / music showcase with Peru’s Afro Peruvian Icon Eva Ayllon.

After the great success of the event, Rich reached out once again to UCLA LIVE into producing a lecture / music showcase with Omara Portuondo.  This phone call took place 7 days prior to the show.  The Ucla Live accepted Rich’s proposition in to producing the lecture / music demonstration.  All we need it was the agreement from Omara’s people.  We had to reach out to Omara’s eldest son, who happen to be also her manager.

The answer from the band took longer than we wanted.  But they accepted.  With out any compensation from the School, being that it was going to be a free event for Omara’s fans as well as the students.  Even thou this event was a short notice, the room “WAC MUSEUM” Gladys Kaufman Theater.  The room had approx 250 seats.  To our luck and good faith, the theater was entirely full. It was time for the lecture.  The Lecture was given by Prof. Paul De Castro, giving a very detail history about the “Feeling Movement”.

The Prof. took about 25 min. Then Omara came out from the side of the stage along with her two percussionist and guitarist.  It was a trio.  Due to “legal rights and copyrights” we could not take photos during the performance.  So we kept our integrity and did not. lol.  We met Omara back stage and had a nice conversation about her travels to Latin America…

“She IS an amazing voice and a down to earth lady” Renzo Revelli (Listen Recovery)

Ucla Live ad for students

settin' up

playin' some Cuban Tracks, no turntables where allowed at the theater.

Gladys Kaufman Theater


after the show we found out it was okay for photos to be taken not video. UGG!



talking about Chabuca Granda's Tribute by Eva Ayllon that happen the week before

Omara Portuondo

cantandome, OMARA!


Omara's guitarist from Sao Paulo and UCLA LIVE assistant

gracias Omara