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RENZ DE MADRUGADA Bossa Canção mix (38:07 m) download, recorded by June 22

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The content of this mix comes from my dirty records found in Brazil in 2006.  Some of this songs are part of my sets when I play Brazilian music, but for the most part, most of them I’ve never played for the public.  Usually I don’t play slow songs… In the last few months I’ve been playing slow tracks from Brazil & Perù (my birth land) in my car at work and at home.  Hope you can enjoy this mix… Is intended for you to download it… The mix was inspired by poet/song writer/composer Vinicious De Moraes.

“Dig deep to get deeper”
Renz De Madrugada

ANDRES LANDERO “his music and story” (video / downloads)

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1. Dejame gozar la vida

2. Maria de los Reyes

3. La Muerte de Eduardo Lora

4. Candelaria vida mia

ANDRES LANDERO Selection by Listen Recovery (4 track mp3 download) < link here

Bardo Martinez Thesis of CUMBIA & ANDRES LANDERO bio. 2008  (Link) ^


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Tah Rei Jade

JADE LOUNGE SOUNDS download mix 23 tracks

1. Dorothy Ashby – Soul Vibration

2. Sabu Martinez – My Christina

3. Orlandivo – Onde Ande Omeo Amor

4. Arthur Verocai – Presente Grego

5. Beth Carvalo – Saco De Feijao

6. Ornella Vanoni – Samba Della Rosa

7. Baden Powell – Candomble

8. Paulo Moura – Doissem Vergonha

9. Cortijo Y su Maquina del Tiempo – Carnaval

10. Black Blood – Voodoo

11. Mustafa Oskent – Dolana

12. Budos Band – My Girl

13. Mongo Santamaria – Virtue

14. Manu Dibango – Nights In Zeraida

15. Soft Machine – Down The Road

16. Gary Bartz – Dr. Follow Dance

17. The Mahotella Queens – Wozani Mahipi

18. Burning Spear – Marcus Garvey

19. Daktaris – Voodoo Soul Stew

20. Erkin Koray – Karli Daglar

21. Bhojpuri People – Raga Bhairravi

22. Bjorn Json Lindh – El Henna

23. The Orient Express – Birds Of India

TAH REI: Listen Recovery (Portland, OR)

Here to create, inspire, raise consciousness and be. Lover of life, music, and people. Studying music, dance, and performance arts for over 13 years. My focus has been with learning, performing, meditating, experiencing music and sound on all levels. The main instruments that i’ve been performing are……..

Bass Clarinet, Piano (Rhodes and Acoustic) Tenor/Bari Sax, Turkish Clarinet, Flutes (Native Indian Bass Flute, Bamboo, Ney, Bansuri) Electro Sintir, Rhaita, Duduk, Jogi Baja, Percussion (Drum set and Hand), Jazz/Funk/ Gyspy Guitar, and electro bass.

Produced electronic/acoustic music as well. Many years experience in the recording studio. Started Ekaya which is a mobile recording studio experience. My focus is to hold space for musicans and artists by recording in inspiring places.

I have put out one solo recording entitled Deep Light in 2005. Here is a review: This mind-numbing exploration of ambient, dreamy trip hop, organic jazz, and pulsing Afro-juju results in a highly desirable album for mood-setting and chilling out. Aligning the various ingredients with a high level of awareness and a talent for sensing where to blend and where to let the contrasts speak out, Tah Rei has succeeded at fusing their influences without losing the integrity of each element. Recorded in the majestic Sunshine Coast and the Kooteneys B.C. Check it at

Perform in many groups including Hamsa Lila, B-Side Players, N’daru N’kasa, Newfoundtruth, Calle Quince and more.

My musical path started early on in life but actually realized aroung 19 years old. It started upon hearing music of Catalyst off of their first album on Cobblestone. The telepathic musical journey that they were on felt deeply inspiring. This led to my findings of other spiritual jazz music from the late 60’s and early 70’s. I time when people all other world explored nu dimensions of reality and revolt against those controlling their freedoms. The music tells a story of now and the present future.

Begin improvising free form sounds. They manifested into music. Decided to study music at University. There I learned about a wide variety of music. Early African music through 20th century experimental. My emphasis was on learning music that raised my consciousness and opened my heart. Performed with poets, dancers, painters, visual artists and more.

Music director of Project Cathedral (an ambient interactive multi-media event) for 2 years. Performance artist – work with puppetry, mythological theater, random acts of debauchery and more.

Currently performing in David Ornette Cherry’s Organic Roots

Tah Rei

Recent Review :

The musical brother of Ornette unquestionably was Don Cherry, whose son David Ornette Cherry (note the namesake) performed in the Paramount Hotel, conveniently right after and just around the corner from Ornette. The originally intended acoustic piano trio of this recently turned Portlander expanded threefold in headcount, plus each band member was a multi-instrumentalist. Taking over the hotel lobby space, countless instruments were strewn through the open area—including melodica, kora, piano, flutes, guitars and banjo, tenor saxophone and clarinets, acoustic and electric basses, talking drum, drum kit, balafon and various percussion, not to mention an odd dancing routine from what many initially thought was just an eccentric and moved audience member who at one point intentionally extended her routine to block hotel guests from getting to the elevator to get to their rooms! Cherry’s ethnic-sounding, highly rhythmic ensemble and jam-based repertoire had the looseness of a Fela Kuti unit, and boasted an especially pleasant surprise in its undeniably most talented player—multi-reedman Tah Rei, whose foundation lay squarely on such strong European saxophonists as Peter Brotzmann and Bernt Rosengren as well recalling the “New Thing” tone of Pharoah Sanders. With all the sounds and textures on hand, the not-so pleasant surprise was the fact that Cherry strangely still on occasion relied on his electric keyboard as if discontented with the diverse palette of sounds already around him.  TAH REI, Listen Recovery

LISTEN RECOVERY. Dj Renz. South America. 57 min of raw cumbias, funk and folk.

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Is been said the LISTEN RECOVERY got the vinyl from South America on deck. From Cumbias to Guaguanco to Salsa to Jazz.  Well, finally after quite some time.  About 4 years, since we dropped a mix.  Last one was by Dj Sesqui. “el disco es cultura” release around Summer of 2005.  This addition to our collection of mixes, falls in the category of South American Latin dance.  Most of them are from Peru. My intro includes a track from Puno Peru by ‘Los Uros del Titicaca’, a folk andino song with ‘quenas’ (flutes) and ‘sampoñas (wind pipes). I also included a brazilian mix, feautering Jorge Ben, Lo Borges, Antonio Carlos e Jeocafi and others. And the outro by Arturo ‘Zambo’ Cabero (afro-peruvian composer/cajonero).  I’m happy to share this mix with you guys.  Enjoy and keep digging, keep learning about other cultures and more music diversity…
“this mix is for you to put it on your car and let it spin when you get out of work daily… dig it!”
Renz, Listen Recovery Crew.
Renz, mix from south american digs