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Happy Birthday Mrs. Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancy. (Long Beach, CA) 9/17/11

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Last night some friends and I had the pleasure to meet with Ms Yancey, mother of the late producer James “J.Dilla” Yance.  It was her birthday! September 17th, we had to celebrate.  After a delightful conversation with Ms Yancey  telling us personal stories of her family and Dilla of course, we headed to a sushi/tai restaurant in the neck of the woods.  She was more than happy to continue to share stories, this time was about herself.  The woman has an amazing soul, aside of being a talented Choir singer she also has dedicated her life to the care of children.  MaDukes was and is a teacher of life.  She also shared with us how everybody in the Yancey family has a skill/talent for music.  “If they couldn’t sing, they had to dance” Ms Yancey would tell us about the weekend family shows at home with the kids.  She also shared with us that James used to be a great break dancer before getting into producing, James was a dj at the beginning of his musical career.  The stories she told us will be stuck in our minds forever.

One love to Ms Yancey for being an amazing soul to all of us.  She carries on the legacy and spirit of her son, who we all loved and still love till this day.



Renz De Madrugada

Susana Baca review by Renz De Madrugada on SOUNDS AND COLOURS

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EL SONIDO DE TUPAC AMARU LP / CENTENO 7″ by Masstropicas Records. Words by Renz De Madrugada.

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Rrrrr… Rrrrr… (phone ringing)  Calling Mike Pigott founder of Masstropicas and Peruvian Vinyl Archivist.

Renz: “Mikey!, what’s up brother!? What you got cooking?”

Mike: “Listen to this….” (Mike plays the 1st test press of El Sonido De Tupac Amaru, a track from Grupo Naranja).

This is how the “New Old Sound” of Masstropicas arrives in my eardrums, and listening, all my thoughts and memories about my mother land starts to appear in my head.

Grupo Naranja comes through the phone.  Sending me some very street original sounds from City of COMAS in Lima.  Now I don’t know where Grupo Naranja is from, but I’m sure they are not too far from this town.  Most of the new sounds came from “Calle Tupac Amaru” in the City of Comas, which is consider the Mecca of “Chicha” or Peruvian Cumbias.  There is no hierarchy when it comes to the people’s music, the movement of the people as Fela and Bob used to call it.  Chicha was and still is the movement of the people.  Go to Lima and party at the most lavish clubs and hear what they are playing after 2am.

Chicha is just a name to separate economic status in Perù, mainly Lima of course, since Cumbia music was in abundance at the capital.  Most shows were booked in Lima, the compensation for the bands were always better in the capital.  That has changed nowadays.  Is not like the late 70’s and 80’s when the genre call “Chicha” was at its highest label of status.  Chicha Music or Cumbias Sicodelicas as I love to call it is here to stay, matter of fact, it never left.  It was just in hideous from the world and now it has came out to dance and play with all of us who can embrace it.

It was just a matter of time for Peruvian Cumbias to invade the North lands.  Jose Luis Carballo is been living in LA for quite some time now and he is consider by most musicians in Lima a pillar of this genre.  So yeah, it was just a matter of time for Chicha to arrive in a heavy manner.

What can you say about INFOPESA coming to the north as well.  The label that made you  dance with Juaneco Y Su Combo and Los Mirlos, Cuarteto Continental, Otto De Rojas if you wanted some funky Salsa.  Yeah… Peru time is here and is gonna stay here for a while.  And Masstropicas is liking up with the Peruvian Giant Label.

Masstropicas is bringing back the real roots of this genre.  What we call in Lima, “La Mata” of the sound.  Mike P has traveled and is still traveling to the Jungle’s of Peru as well as Lima and other cities to meet with the bands, producers and executives that formed part to the creation of a huge library of unpublished and forgotten tracks, all Peruvian Cumbias (Chicha).

EL SONIDO DE TUPAC AMARU is the sequal of a beautiful roster of compilation from Peru’s music treasures by Masstropicas RecordsWhat makes this releases original?

It’s the officialism of each carefully licence track from its rightful owner.  It makes the LP more valuable to me personally. Being that Mike takes the time and consideration to reach out to the people that created the content he is using to share once again with the world on a higher label.

Vinyl is Masstropicas preference of physical release for the music on the label.

Aside of the unexpected selection of tracks.  From most of the songs being sang and chorus by the bands is a beautiful mix of songs. Not your tipical instrumental long play that you can rape and mash-up for your Serato pleasure” hehe.  No amigos,  this is for the Collection.  A very selective choice of songs from various bands and singers.  With an extended treat from Centeno’s 7″ disc. which includes 4 extra tracks.

Now speaking of the extra 7″ with 4 tracks, which basically makes it an EP.

CENTENO 7″ is part of this colorful release by Masstropicas Records.

I don’t want to give too much info on each song in the LP.  It will take the fun away.  I advise you to get a copy today from Masstropicas exclusive distribution label.  BUY THE LP HERE

I can definitely say that Masstropicas is one of those labels to be on the look out if you are willing to experience an extensive and humble story of Peruvian Cumbia History.

“Mi casa es tu casa, adelante!”

Renz De Madrugada

PEÑA by Secret Stash Records (A series of compilations inspired by a genre from Perù’s capital coast) ; words by Renz De Madrugada

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Since 1991 when I arrived in LAX from Jorge Chaves Int. I had my tapes of Eva Ayllon and some of Arturo Cabero.  The music I was taking with me was a symbol for me to coming back one day.  I was told life in the north was promising and the opportunities of having a better education was open to everybody who live there.  So I stayed here till 2005.  On December of 2005 I arrived back in Lima after… (?) … 14 years… Yeah! 14 years…

Everything looked small.  It was much faster to transit by foot from city to city… I was back in mother land, a metropolis, but motherland to me.  I was born in Lima,  Clinica del Empleado in the city of Jesus Maria.  Anyhow… The story of  Peruvian folklore starts there for me… That is how I got to understand the feeling of Afro Peruvian and Costa Tunes.

The Series of PEÑA by Secret Stash, does take me back.  Ever since I when back to Lima to seek most of the Peruvian recordings.  I felt in love with Afro Peruvian records.  Starting with Peru Negro., then jumping to Eva Ayllon and Arturo with Aviles… I was not too lucky to find good copies of most of the female singers, till me second trip, where I found Victoria Santa Cruz and Lucha Reyes, Chabuca Granda and Lucila Campos.  Finding this Lps took me back to the 80’s when I started to listen the music of my land.  Arturo Zambo Cabero’s Exitos was one of those Lps that took me back immediately.  Every track came back to my head.  I was impressed that I still remember some of the lyrics.  “Cado Domingo A Las Doce Despues De La Misa” took me back.

You see.  In Lima, back in the days, when I was young and lived there, Pops and Moms used to organized gatherings at home for special occasion.  Some of the most vivid ones I remember was the PEÑA parties.  My parents had friends that sing Afro Peruvian songs, from Lando, to Marineras, to Tonderos to Negroide etc.  I must it been around 6 or 7 years old when this parties happen, it used to get loud and would go till the early hours of the next morning.  Around 40 to 50 heads drinking and singing along the trio, which was formed by a cajón, guitar and a couple of big spoons to assimilate the sound of castañuelas.  That I remember vividly.

As much as my records are dear to me, the sound of Peru is dear to me.  PEÑA is one of those compilations that hit home.  Aside of the contemporary sound of the songs interpreter by a beautiful voices, the entire projects has taken me back to the day of those parties at home, but in a more melo way…

The selection of titles couldn’t have been more exact for the times and the opportunity to show more of the riches of Perù.

PEÑA I and II are a must to have for all those who want to experience an old and new world sound that will message  your soul as well as make it move.

The Remixes are a beautiful extension to both compilations.  Secret Stash Records is moving the Peruvian Cultural world of music in the right path.  This is a great way to learn and start your journey to the beautiful costal waters of  Perù and the amazing Andes that connect a few worlds.

I cannot forget about the package.  A wooden cover, red marble texture  that gives a highly presentation and honor to this genre of music from a third world land.

I can not wait to listen to the Rhythms of Black Perù.  Secret Stash Records is invading your ears with Perù.


Renz De Madrugada

RENZ DE MADRUGADA music download site

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LUCUMA, CHIRIMOYA & PACAY, Peruvian vinyl selection part II by Renz De Madrugada (56:24) recorded by June22

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Every October in Lima, Perù we celebrate “Mes Morado”, the entire month is devoted to religion, music and food.  From the “Sñr. De Los Milagros” processions to the celebration of “musica criolla”, afro-peruvian, waltz & poetry.  This mix is dedicated to the tradition and faith of our people in Lima, Perù and all over the Andino nation, Puno, Juliaca, Chimbote, Cajamarca, Chiclayo, Tumbes, Iquitos, Ayacucho, Cuzco!!!. Viva el Señor de los Milagros y el turròn de doña pepa!

This one is dedicated to my uncle Johnny Davila, R.I.P. and in the memory and devotion to San Martin De Porres.

Renz De Madrugada

RENZ DE MADRUGADA, “Açaí Mistureba”, Brazilian selecction. Recorded by June22

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Here is another mix, selection of Brazilian tracks from our record collection (Listen Recovery Crew)… As usual, all in one take, hope you can burn this one and enjoy in your car, work or home. Obrigado!

Renz De Madrugada