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Dj CURSE / Beat Junkies – The FunkDiscoBoogie Work-out set (Part 1)

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DJ CURSE – The FunkDiscoBoogie Work-out set

 ^ (Download Link)

1. Dying to be Dancin—Empress
2. Have you got the time–The Funkmasters
3. Body Music–One On One
4. Strut My Thang–Ozone
5. You got the power–War
6. Superbad–James Brown
7. Bump No Mo’–Joe Tex (Dj Curse Edit)
8. Funking on the one–Ozone
9. Be Yourself–Cameo
10. Girl I like the way–Stone
11. Peaches and Prunes–J rocc
12. Don’t Stop–K.I.D
13. Baby Come on–James Otis White Jr
14. Over and Over–J rocc
15. Do It–The Bar-kays
16. Take it Off–Chocolate Milk
17. Get Up and Dance–Vernon Birch
18. Ultra Funk–Gotham City Boogie
19. I love music–Montana
20. Do I Do–Stevie Wonder
21. It looks Like Love–Montana
22. Come and Dance–Computer
23. At the Concert–Bill Summers & Summers Heat
24. Still In the Groove–Ray Parker Jr
25. She Talks to me w/Her Body–The Bar-Kays
26. Funky Worm–Ohio Players
27. Got to Give it Up–Marvin Gaye

“The reason I made this is because I needed something up-tempo but funky…something I could dance and shake my ass to while doing the work around the house, walking around the block, working out or whatever….and I was tired of the “Party Crap” they play all the time…
so I said, how bout’ taking these jams and speeding them up a tad and making me a: FDB—The FunkDiscoBoogie Work-out set (regiment part 1…)

Dj Curse

DJ CURSE Nightlife tribute to Roc Raida, LA (download full dj set) 2010, Listen Recovery exclusive shares

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DJ CURSE dj set @ Nightlife, Tribute to ROC RAIDA  < link (download mix)

l-r: dj CURSE, dj ShortKut & dj Melo-D

DJ CURSE: “Near Da Beach Mon” ISLAND SKA mix (8 min+ download)

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Rub-A-Dub Ska & Soul Shakedown Party

DJ CURSE: “Near Da Beach Mon” ISLAND SKA mix 8:56 min. < (download mix)

DJ CURSE: Black History Month “mix tribute” ft. speech by Barak Obama, MLK, Malcom X.

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MLK-OBAMA-MALCOM X Speeches mix by DJ CURSE (4:19) Free download

DJ CURSE World Famous… “BrOke but FOnke” 2 tracks (download)

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SO check it!… my man Dj Curse. Where do I start, this dude and Jrocc are basically the ignition to the Junkie cru, real talk. The eldest crew member Papa Curse aka Sparky ArtBucke, Mr Public Image for those that know oldschool Cerritos. Anyhow, nuff talk not going to get detail about him, his hands speak louder than bombs! With out further adoo… here is MY MAN CURSE! CURSE! CURSE! SSSssss.

TRACK 1 (4:04)

TRACK 2 Full length mix (51:31)

Cubichee & Curse

Beat Junkie Sound & Dj Revolution

Dj Curse (wears FONKADELIC by Listen)