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MASSTROPICAS “El disco es cultura” by Mike P & LimaFotoLibre

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Masstropicas and will be traveling to the jungle in January to travel up the Ucayali River in Peru to record and document a new cumbia movement that is happening and produce and manufacture a 7″ and LP from the recordings.
We need your support for plane tickets, travel expenses, equipment for both the bands, recording, payment to the bands and film for LimaFotoLibre. We plan on recording 3-4 different bands in the span of 7 days and this will be a very busy project for the both of us.
Those who donate will get up to date information about the project. Your donations will go towards making this wonderful project happen and Masstropicas will take care of making the 7″ and LP.
If Masstropicas/ meet the goal expect a 7″ and LP by spring, please look at the prizes you will get when you donate! At the top there is a video that Masstropicas/ did 2 years ago with an amazing street musician named Carlos Antonio, we ended up pressing it on cassette, we gave carlos any proceeds that were made. We plan on making this project slightly bigger in coverage and the bands will also receive any profit that is deserved and get 100% support from masstropicas. Please help us make this dream become a reality!
Check out for more video’s of past projects and also check out Masstropicas/ for any info on past projects and other projects not related to this proposal. After our travels there will be updated videos and recordings of the happenings that take place as well, so stay tuned!

MIKE P (Masstropicas Records, MASS. US)

The masstropicas collective also includes the following people: (victor) (renato!) (fokus!)

SOMOS LOS CAMPOS SEÑORES show in Lima Peru, photos by LIMA FOTO LIBRE part II

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continue from PART I “Somos Los Campos Señores”

This is the 2nd set of photos by Bruno Guerra from Lima Peru aka Tunchi from Lima Foto Libre.  The project was produced by Renz De Madrugada & Eder Campos.
Preserving Culture via photography and digital communication.  More photos from “Somos Los Campos Señores” coming soon.

Other photographers will summit their work capture on 3 separate dates (June 16, 23 and 30).

Lots of Love goes out to the artist that made this project happen and Eder Campos from The Campos Family.

SOMOS LOS CAMPOS SEÑORES show in Lima Peru, photos by LIMA FOTO LIBRE part I

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Nowadays the connection is more accurate and quicker.  I reached out to my fam. in Lima from Perù Negro a few weeks ago (Eder Campos) to have a friend of us from Lima come by and take some photos of the 1st show.  LIMA FOTO LIBRE blog manage by Bruno Guerra aka TUNCHI was the photographer invited to the event taking place at Lima’s JAZZ ZONE in Miraflores district.  Bruno started sending us the photos and here are the first captures from the 1st day, June 16 2010.

There are more to come, as Bruno (Tunchi) will be sending us the recap and the most memorable moments from the Campos Family Dynasty performance.

Preserving Afro Peruvian Art & Culture

TUNCHI: limafotolivre

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