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today in BRAZIL WILSON DAS NEVES, Rio de Janeiro @Botafogo

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ANTONIO DAS MORTES – Glauber Rocha 1969

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Directed & Written by Glauber Rocha

released on June 14th 1969

winner for “Best Director at Cannes film fest France 1969”

Antonio das Mortes is a mysterious hitman and wanderer and the Brazilian sertao (desert or arid lands). He is an excellent marksman and carries with him a rifle and a machete, which he uses on occasion in duels. He is widely referred to as “matador” and “cangaceiro killer” (cangaceiros being rural bandits or pirate lords of the desert).

Physically, he is a bearded, rugged man. He is of a silent, contemplative demeanor. He wears a long brown coat and a withered hat which completely shades his eyes, and ties a red handkerchief around his neck, which he uses as part of any ritual duel.

His motives and thoughts remain unclear throughout his appearances. Whereas a secondary character in the first film, he grows into a full-fledged protagonist by the second.

ANTONIO DAS MONTES is the start of a Cultural Film Trilogy

Antonio Das Mortes part I

Deus e o  Diabo na terra do Sol part II (link)

O Dragão da Maldade Contra o Santo Guerreiro part III

full picture in 10 parts

link to deus e o diabo na terra do sol (blog link)

NAIQUE “Nike com NUNCA” world cup project

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Nunca is one of the most prolific ‘grafiteiro’ from the concrete jungle’s of Såo Paulo, Brazil.  From a young age starting as a “pixador”.

Francisco Rodriguez da Silva also call by his close friends “Kiko”.  Nunca has attracted the graffiti eye from every angle of the world, touring the European continent and participating in expositions in various events in his native Brazil.

Nunca was hit up by Nike sportswear “soccer” to do a project / collaboration for the upcoming World Cup in South Africa.  The collection included 3+ pairs of different styles of soccer shoes as well as a vulcanized high top, soccer jerseys, polos, t-shirts, hood sweaters and other items…

His trademark of Pixação has allow him to create icons and mascots for the collection as well as some indigenous artwork and his famous line work and bold pixo angles on his distinctive style.

Nike has release the collection this month, May 2010, and you can view more of Nunca x Nike Sportwear. (photos)>

GALLERY of NUNCA in BRAZIL (past blogs on Listen Recovery)

Record shopping in SAO PAULO, BRAZIL.

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2006, Listen Recovery (Renz & Rich Spirit Revelli visit SAO PAULO, BR) our main object, records shopping and if money allow it, some cultural instruments.  Our mission was to have fun and to experience the Sao Paulo living.  We stayed at Dj Nuts’ apt. In Saude Sao Paulo, near Paulista Ave. (walking distance).  As the days passed by Rich and I searched for the MPB as well as rarities.  Our guide couldn’t be more knowledgeable about Brazilian Music and its History… So it was overwhelming the information giving to us in such short time… the connections from the early days of Bossa Nova to the psych Lps to Samba Rock… Disco 7 has been one of the main places where Nuts takes any visitor willing to pay well for records.  Brazilian records aren’t cheap!… and the exchange currency is not the greatest… 2006 (2 reis per dollar) not much of a difference… but the food was cheap and amazing, so that helped out budget… During the visit, the best way to obtain address and spots for records shopping was to ask for a business card or phone number.  So if you are going to Sao Paulo BRAZIL and your going for record shopping… This info might help you… still current to this date.  SERTO!… Also I should mention, we where there for the purpose of BRAZILINTIME, B+’s 2nd film.  Also, one of the scan tickets belongs to “Love Story”… a night club that caters the night-women in SP.  We checked out since it was a funny buzz about it… anyhow… here are some scans from what I was able to fund during a shop clean-up. RECOVERY CRU!


DISCO 7 (ask for Carlinho) he’s the man!

outside of DISCO 7, dj Nuts

End-of-the-night point for prostitutes, rent boys and associated partygoers (but not strictly confined to this demographic), Love Story has developed quite an international reputation thanks to the celebrities who’ve staggered in and out of its doors. Nick Cave regularly frequented it while living in Sao Paulo and British tech-house producers Layo & Bushwacka! named a track after a visit. Deafeningly loud electronic house music keeps the audience buzzed and hot, and more inspired patrons climb onto raised podiums to shake loose body parts around strip poles. With two floors and numerous bars at which drinks will set you back R$15 each. At some point you’ll likely have to broach the precarious subject of asking whether the person you’re chatting up is, ahem, working or not. Weekends can get busy, so you’ll have to face every partygoer’s usual quandry: How to arrive fashionably late—the party peaks between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m.—without risking an interminable wait in line.  by Total SP Guide (link)

TONY HITS, Gallerias SP

The Spirit of Samba, The Black Music of Brazil

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A documentary on Brazilian samba music and its effects on Brazilian culture, THE SPIRIT OF SAMBA is a rousing film that features a number of exuberant performances from some of Brazil’s greatest samba artists. Though many outside of Brazil know samba and bossa nova through the works of crossover artists such as Antonio Carlos Jobim, the music has deep roots in Brazilian culture and history, which are detailed here. From the hilltop ghettos of Rio to the African rooted region of Bahia, THE SPIRIT OF SAMBA makes a complete survey of one of Brazil’s national treasures. Features performances by Gilberto Gil and Chico Barque.

Los in Civilization: THE ACRE TRIBE of THE AMAZON (Brazil/Peru)

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Uncontacted Indians of the Envira who are in the Terra Indigena Kampa e Isolados do Envira, Acre state, Brazil. These Indians live in six different places, each community has six communal houses.

Brazil’s government agreed to release stunning photos of Amazon Indians firing arrows at an airplane so that the world can better understand the threats facing one of the few tribes still living in near-total isolation from civilization, officials said Friday.

Anthropologists have known about the group for some 20 years but released the images now to call attention to fast-encroaching development near the Indians’ home in the dense jungles near Peru.

“We put the photos out because if things continue the way they are going, these people are going to disappear,” said Jose Carlos Meirelles, who coordinates government efforts to protect four “uncontacted” tribes for Brazil’s National Indian Foundation.

Shot in late April and early May, the foundation’s photos show about a dozen Indians, mostly naked and painted red, wielding bows and arrows outside six grass-thatched huts.

Meirelles told The Associated Press in a phone interview that anthropologists know next to nothing about the group, but suspect it is related to the Tano and Aruak tribes.

Brazil’s National Indian Foundation believes there may be as many as 68 “uncontacted” groups around Brazil, although only 24 have been officially confirmed.

Anthropologists say almost all of these tribes know about western civilization and have sporadic contact with prospectors, rubber tappers and loggers, but choose to turn their backs on civilization, usually because they have been attacked.

“It’s a choice they made to remain isolated or maintain only occasional contacts, but these tribes usually obtain some modern goods through trading with other Indians,” said Bernardo Beronde, an anthropologist who works in the region

Brazilian officials once tried to contact such groups. Now they try to protectively isolate them.

The four tribes monitored by Meirelles include perhaps 500 people who roam over an area of about 1.6 million acres (630,000 hectares).

He said that over the 20 years he has been working in the area, the number of “malocas,” or grass-roofed huts, has doubled, suggesting that the policy of isolation is working and that populations are growing.

Remaining isolated, however, gets more complicated by the day.

Loggers are closing in on the Indians’ homeland — Brazil’s environmental protection agency said Friday it had shut down 28 illegal sawmills in Acre state, where these tribes are located. And logging on the Peruvian border has sent many Indians fleeing into Brazil, Meirelles said.

“On the Brazilian side we don’t have logging yet, but I’d like to emphasize the ‘yet,’” he said.

A new road being paved from Peru into Acre will likely bring in hordes of poor settlers. Other Amazon roads have led to 30 miles (50 kilometers) of rain forest being cut down on each side, scientists say.

While “uncontacted” Indians often respond violently to contact — Meirelles caught an arrow in the face from some of the same Indians in 2004 — the greater threat is to the Indians.

“First contact is often completely catastrophic for “uncontacted” tribes. It’s not unusual for 50 percent of the tribe to die in months after first contact,” said Miriam Ross, a campaigner with the Indian rights group Survival International. “They don’t generally have immunity to diseases common to outside society. Colds and flu that aren’t usually fatal to us can completely wipe them out.”

Survival International estimates about 100 tribes worldwide have chosen to avoid contact, but said the only truly uncontacted tribe is the Sentinelese, who live on North Sentinel island off the coast of India and shoot arrows at anyone who comes near.

Last year, the Metyktire tribe, with about 87 members, was discovered in a densely jungled portion of the 12.1-million-acre (4.9-million-hectare) Menkregnoti Indian reservation in the Brazilian Amazon, when two of its members showed up at another tribe’s village.

More than half the world’s 100 uncontacted tribes live in Brazil or Peru and campaigners say many face

threats to their land from illegal logging.

TAMBA TRIO; Helcio Milito, Bebeto, Luiz Eca.

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DOWNLOAD 2 Tracks from TAMBA TRIO, selected by Listen Recovery’s LPs

1. Berimbau

2. Canto De Ossanha

FLIP e MARCELO D2: “Nunca Esquecer”

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Marcelo D2: “Ela Disse (Videoclipe Oficial)”

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FLIP new art in RIO, BRASIL.

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